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Meditation – Freeing Oneself : What is Meditation ?

What is Meditation ?

Meditation has been prescribed as an essential ‘activity’ in sanatan dharma via yoga and Buddhism in particular while other faiths are somewhat ambivalent to it.

Art of Non-Doing

Meditation is the most powerful expression of the karma of non-doing! That may sound like a paradox and appear like one, too, but that’s where lies its immense power. Seers, rishis, sages, mahatmas, acharyas, and many other preceptors encouraged dhyana (meditation) and prescribed doing this non-doing to reach samadhi (oneness).

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The root of all human pain, conflict, delusion, etc is his separation (from his true self). The solution or resolution of that separation and, therefore, all his problems comes through meditation.

Observe your Thoughts

In meditation, one merely sits down comfortably and watches the procession of thoughts go noisily past in his mind. He observes, without joining the procession nor judging it…and through that observation, a strange thing begins to happen.

Almost magically, the procession of thoughts suddenly vaporises…disappears! and where there was a noise, chaos, conflict, pain, and numerous other emotions, there’s an immense vastness…an endless vastness right inside the one that sat to observe his thoughts…

The vastness that melts every single thing into one whole is inside the very being of the one who sat somewhere in silence.

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This endless vastness becomes a part of the one who meditates because he experiences it inside his very being. This experience may last a moment or more but it works to subtly alter something inside and that experience is so life-changing that all that had a vice-like grip on the meditator, suddenly loses its grip…and sets him free.

Meditation brings Freedom

Meditation, through those moments of clarity, shows how one had become a slave, a captive to a strange procession of thoughts that controlled his actions, feelings, and experience of life.

Unfortunately, the same mind that’s silenced in meditation merely through observation and awareness, can quickly grab back control the moment one’s awareness slips.

Therefore, it helps to sit in silence often, watching the procession of thoughts, pass through the streets of the mind…and through this act of non-doing, one slowly gains freedom, complete freedom, one moment at a time.

As you come to the end of this piece, sit comfortably with your back straight but relaxed, close your eyes, focusing them lightly in the center of the forehead, and watch the procession of motley thoughts emerge from the shadows and disappear into the mist inside…move your attention to the flow of breath as it enters gently, softly through the nostrils and goes up to the head, turns down and goes lower until it turns again and retraces its path back to the nostrils and heads back into the vast outdoors.

Stay relaxed and enjoy your breath even as your attention moves from the procession to the breath and back to the thoughts…until suddenly they both disappear….and when it all disappears, you’ll find your self…free and larger than you ever imagined..

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Writer : Shri Rajesh Kanoi, Spiritual Master 

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