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Do’s and Don’ts during the Auspicious Occasion of Navratri

Do’s and Don’ts during the Auspicious Occasion of Navratri

There are some Do’s And Dont’s you need to follow on this days of navratri, which are as per follow:

Must Do’s in days of Navratri

1. You should have your bath on or before 08:00 AM of each day.

2. Try to eat only Satvic food during this period.

3. You have to go to Durga temple regularly in morning and evening, (you can do this at your home temple too) and lighting lamp (Diya) and offer flower and doing arti.

4. Wear only new and fresh cloths each day, don’t wear old discarded cloths and try to avoid black color.

5. Pray to “Maa Durga” to clean your past bad karma’s and pray for happy and bright future for you and your family.

Don’ts for Navratri

1. People observing fast should not have a nails cut or haircut

2. Avoid alcohol consumption during this period.

3. Your home should be clean and dust free, at lest your pooja room where you are doing devotion for “Maa Durga” and your home kitchen.

4. Avoid wearing slippers in the house in days of navratri if possible. At lest not in pooja room.

5. Be on a celibacy mode, avoid making physical relations during this period and Avoid Television/ Serials/ Movies that bring negativity and involve yourself in embracing positive energy only.

These are some simple rules you need to follow in these 9 days of Navratri, and hope “Maa Durga” will bless all of you with good health and lots of happiness.

Meditation is very helpful during this period, so do as much as you can. And if you read Durga Saptashati on each of these days, then it will bring positivity and prosperity with high success in your life.

May Goddess Kali bless you with all the wonderful things of life.

Enjoy this festive season. Wish you all a Happy Navaratri 2017.


Acharya Praveen

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