Mythological/scientific aspects of Rama returning from Lanka in 21 days

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It’s a request that has been to pretty a whilst due to the fact that and will be moved towards several years for. There have been papers appropriated that make it a bit of a not noted reality, by then there have been papers disseminated which reprimanded the recently referenced papers. In the entire game graph of a circulate of papers, we have misplaced the substance of Old history.

Regardless, the pursues had been observed in these Old real stories. One such similar circumstance is the perfect arranging of the partition hole between Sri Lanka and Ayodhya.

By and by way of there a ton of images flooded on-line the place humans clearly commenced googling about how a lot of time it will take to attain again to Ayodhya from Sri Lanka, and the suitable response is 20 days.

Without a doubt! You study it right, in accordance with Google, It will take a man or woman 20 days to end his ride from Sri Lanka to Ayodhya. In, Ramayana it used to be shaped as Rama took 18 days to land at his domain Ayodhya, from the day he killed Ravana(Dusherra) to applaud the returning (Diwali) to his domain.

Regardless of the way that there may be no validness behind this hypothesis in any case, For ease lets well known that Crush began his experience from Rameshwaram, the point from where he crossed into Lanka.


After his triumph over Ravana, Sri Rama prepares to go away for Ayodhya. Rama at current revealed to Vibheeshan that there was just a single additional day ultimate in their fourteen significant stretches of untouchable. If I do not attain Ayodhya in time, Bharat has observed a way to quit his life. So please graph the Pushpak Vimana(flying chariot) proper this minute.


Vibhishana, who after the whipping and end of Ravana, had been presented as the pioneer of Lanka, masterminds the departure of Sri Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana. Shri Rama asked Vibheeshan, Sugreeva, Hanuman, Jambvant, Angad and the completely geared up the strength to board the aeronautical chariot and a brief time later he jumped on, with Lakshman and Sita. The Pushpak then takes off

Reviewing THE Whole Experience OF 14 YEARS OF Outsider:

In travel, he showed Sita, from the sky, the territory of the Rishyamukha Mountain, Dandakavan, and more than a few spots and they landed at the ashram of Rishi. He by using then met Nishadraj Guha at Shrngaverapura. There Sita played out an appealing capacity to Ganga. Hanuman flew beforehand to Ayodhya to enlighten about their appearance.

Tolerating and Welcome AT AYODHYA:

Bharat was once last by means of irritably for Rama’s appearance. Just then the Pushpak Viman got here to Nandigram. Rama bowed to Ace Vashishtha first and reached his feet. By then he respected the three moms with concession and companionship. By then he received a deal with on Bharat and Shatrughna.

Incredible Limit : DIWALI:

With fantastic greatness, display, and ballyhoo the delegated ceremony of Shri Rama was once lauded in Ayodhya. And the commending continues. It was the primary long gone through Deepavali that was once lauded on that Amavasya night. Imagine the site from the sky


The fashionable of Rama or Rama Rajya executed agreement, flourishing and fulfillment in Ayodhya simply as over the entire earth.


Pushpak vimana used to be one of its excellent kind of heavenly flying automobiles that existed someday earlier than the presence of present-day age. Pushpaka vimana was asserted through ruler Kubera. Under the solicitation for ruler Brahma, Divine modeler Vishvakarma amassed Pushpak Vimana to help the crippled master Kubera to go inaccessible spots. Using this plane, King Kubera, the lord of wealth and achievement, journeyed higher places on earth to disperse wealth among his devotees and destitute individuals.

King Kubera was once the chief of Yakshas and the wealthiest of all animals on earth. He used to be the stepbrother of Ravana, the narcissistic insidiousness soul ruler and bend blackguard in the story of Ramayana.

Ravana usurped the ship from Kubera and began using it for his very own insidious ambitions and army exploits.with the information of illusionary powers, Pushpaka vimana used to be used with the aid of Ravana and Maricha to commandeer goddess Sita from that point on passing on her to Ashoka Vatika.



Attractive features of Pushpaka Vimana are explained via many descriptive verses of Ramayana such as

कांचनम्रथम्आस्थायकामगम्रत्नभूषितम् |

पिशाचवदनैःयुक्तम्खरैःकनकभूषणैः || ३-३५-६

मेघप्रतिमनादेनसतेनधनदअनुजः |

राक्षसाधिपतिःश्रीमान्ययौनदनदीपतिम् || ३-३५-७

“That chariot which is decorated with golden ornaments, yoked with monster-faced mules that have gem-studded trappings is ride-able by using the desire of the rider, and sitting in such a chariot which is completely golden and which rides with a sound like the pealing of thunder, that celebrated Ravan, the brother of Kuber and the lord of demons, traveled closer to the lord of rivers and rivulets, specifically the ocean.”

So, Pushpaka Vimana was once an aerial vehicle that was once managed by way of thought to travel somewhere throughout the earth.


One of its unique qualities was its adjustable seating capacity. The number of seats in Pushpaka Vimana used to be +1 the number of passengers. So if the pilot thinks of boarding 100 passengers, then Pushpaka Vimana would rearrange its diagram to accommodate a hundred and one passengers. Irrespective of the range of passengers, there would be constantly one seat vacant in Pushpak vimana. This adjustable seat capacity is cited in the following verses:

प्रियाअत्प्रियतरंलब्धंयदहंससुहृज्जनः || ६-१२२-२२

सर्वैर्भवद्भिःसहितःप्रीतिंलप्स्येपुरींगतः |


Pushpaka Vimana had the most larger than “speed of the wind” and most altitude that made the ocean appear like a swimming pool.

Normally, jet planes travel at 500 to 600 miles per hour but Lord Rama Pushpaka vimana used to be no doubt faster than this. Though the exact travel time cannot be calculated from verses, pushpaka vimana traveled the distance of 2500+ miles between SriLanka and India within few hours.

Traveling on air, Lord Rama was capable to see the whole Lanka with many airplanes and airports. As they flew to Ayodhya from Lanka, Lord Rama tells Lakshmana


From the correct description laid out in Ramayana it is very tough to envision the authentic design of this aerial vehicle. The design of Pushpaka vimana extremely closely resembles Nasa spacecraft vehicle ‘Dragon’ besides that it was plenty higher in size. Pushpaka vimana was once a double-decker round plane with a central dome comparable to the 20th-century flying saucer. Yellowish white liquid comparable to gold used to be used as gasoline to force Pushpaka vimana.

Another clarification :

Well, Rama actually finished Ravan in Lanka then again then we do not have the foggiest thinking where in Lanka, it may want to be perfect over the Ram Sethu from Rameshwaram. Google maps country that separation from Rameshwaram to Ayodhya is 2588 km. On the off threat that you include the length of Ram Sethu which is 30 km, at that point this separation ends up 2618 km.

From Dusshera to Diwali its exactly 21 days. Presently voyaging 2618 km in 21 days capacity going on ordinary of one hundred thirty km daily. So let’s test whether or not it used to be viable to tour one hundred thirty km daily on these occasions. The quickest approach to travel would be on a horse.

Ordinarily, on every day a horse can journey 30-50 km in a day. In any case, at that point, we are discussing a character of a King’s stature so he would method the fine horses. Furthermore, he was once no common rider either, having been prepared as a sovereign from the exceptional instructors.

Obviously, a fit horse can tour more remote than this. Mounted troopers would trip their horses 50-60 miles (80-100 km) in a day. This is additionally hard on both the horses and the riders.”

So 100 km in a day is very conceivable. In spite of the fact that it is far-fetched, that same horse can go for a hundred km in a stretch for 20 days. Anyway, be aware that Rama had well-wishers and benevolent nation-states up and down the way, so it is very plausible that in transit they would have been altering their steeds, once more getting the high-quality and fittest ponies en route.

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It could be attainable to go considerably quicker. During the hours of Roman Domain, they had assistance called Cursus Publicus which was the state-run messenger and transportation administration. It essentially utilized ponies as its strategies for transport and could cover 100 km daily. Significant information voyaged plenty quicker.

Along these lines, the run of the mill trip was made at the tempo of 41 to sixty-four miles (66–103 km) each day. There are a few instances the place dire news or exciting authorities went at a quicker rate. There is the voyage of Tiberius referenced by using Valerius Maximus, the updates on the uprising of Galba as recorded by using Tacitus, and the updates on the demise of Nero as portrayed by way of Plutarch.

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I assume the primary rationalization of such travel times has been workable was on the grounds that horses may want to be changed on the way. It is very impossible for a similar steed to tour this quick over such an ace longer timeframe, but very potential if the rider can change horses and get new and match horses when the existing one receives worn out.

Despite the truth that the epic discussions about Pushpak Viman and going through the air, it was once achievable to go ashore utilizing existing intends to cover the separation in the referenced time…

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