Lord Ganesha teaching to Kubera is a lesson for all of us!

 In Hinduism

There is an obsolete story wherein Lord Ganesha teaches the lesson of humility and love to Kubera. There are different varieties of this story. By and by, the basic thing is to comprehend the message which Lord Ganesha instructed the Kubera.

Kubera is the divine force of wealth in Hindu mythology. Kubera is revered for bringing thriving and riches. Goddess Lakshmi is likewise adored for getting success in the house. Kubera is for the most part venerated by business and broker networks.

Influence and cash, as a rule, ruins the psyche and sense of self. It occurs with us all. once Kubera turned out to be a lot of glad for his riches. He needed to show it off to the world. So he chose to have a major service in his place where he will offer an assortment of food to the visitor. He welcomed a huge number of significant visitors. He additionally went to Lord Shiva spot to welcome him.

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Presently Shiva knows it all. nothing is escaped him. he could see that the greeting isn’t out of commitment or love for him however to flaunt his riches. seeing the expectation of Kubera, Lord Shiva said “I can not come yet my little child Ganesha will come. Take care that he is an insatiable eater and work well for him”

Kubera was excessively glad for his wealth that he was extremely certain that he would have the option to serve Ganesha well indeed. So Kubera returned to his place and began getting ready for the fabulous banquet.

On the delegated day, all the visitors came thus did the Baal Ganesha. Kubera took the Baal Ganesha inside the royal residence and did the stylized customs of inviting the visitor and afterward offered the food to him. In a matter of seconds, the food was eaten by Ganesha. More food was served and it again vanished in Ganesha gut quickly. One of the names of Lord Ganesha is ‘Lambodara’ which means the colossal bellied ruler. In the blink of an eye, Ganesha ate all the food which was intended to be served to all the visitor.

Seeing this Kubera was at that point froze. He requested that Ganesha hold up until the prepares can make more food. Be that as it may, Ganesha was in no mind-set to yield or pause. He said give me more food else I will eat everything here, including you and your royal residence. so Lord Ganesha began eating up plates, utensils and different things in the royal residence.

In the frenzy state, Kubera went to Lord Shiva and requested pardoning and the answer to satisfying the Ganesha hunger. Lord Shiva solicited Kubera to give bunch from simmered rice with affection and lowliness. Kubera did likewise and Lord Ganesha was fulfilled.

What Message we get from Story

  • God can not be satisfied by offering costly blessings or cash. God needs your adoration and dedication. on the off chance that Kubera has welcomed ruler shiva out of dedication or love, at that point presumably he would have come.
  • An offering of adoration, commitment and modesty is just acknowledged by God.
  • Be modest and wanting to all humankind since God dwells in everyone.
  • Whatever additional you have. try not to gloat about it. Rather share your favors with others. It could be cash, information, food, space or anything.

For example-

  1. On the off chance that you have additional space in your yard, at that point plant a tree to help the world from greenhouse impact and environmental change.
  2. Your old pieces of clothing can be given to destitute people.
  3. In case you have enough money, by then routinely make presents for exacting and useful occasions.
  4. If you have Knowledge, then don’t quiet about it. share it.
  5. Keep in mind, whatever we offer expansions and what we don’t share decreases. Running water is for every circumstance new and stale water winds up untidy.
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