Swami Gyananand Ji Maharaj : A Part of Goodwill and Harmony of Love

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Swami Gyananand Ji Maharaj: A Part of Goodwill and Harmony of Love

Gurudev Gyananand Ji Maharaj is a pedagogue, a philosopher, a guide, a writer, a yogi, and a social server. His books and lectures on ethics, values, and Gita have become a chaperone to many. Along with myriad ways in which he has tried to help the society, his efforts augur a virtuous generation of driven countrymen with a clear direction in life.

Early Life

Born in Ambala city of Haryana State on 15th of May, 1952 Gurudev showed immense sincerity and seriousness in everything he undertook. His truthfulness and love for God often shocked his parents. He got saying “an unexamined life is not worth living” imprinted on his mind from childhood itself and made this the purpose of his education as well.


After finishing his schooling from Ambala he went on to study political science till post graduation level. Having achieved a double master’s degree he felt there was still something missing that those books or classroom lectures couldn’t teach him. Thus from there started his quest for divinity and probity.

The Quest and the Transformation

On the day of his last examination of the master’s program, Gurudev felt the dire need of finding answers to some questions that disturbed him since the early age of his life and made him leave everything there itself and start the journey of examining humanity. Why death? What after death? How to live a good life? Why mortality? Where is permanent peace? How can we achieve it? This chase led him to Veerji’s kutiya (Gurudev’s Guruji Sri Gitanand Ji Maharaj) where he spent the next 8 years critically examining the life and its perspectives guided by Veerji and meditation. Then he spent the next 3 years in solitude meditating, where he gave birth to the Guru inside him to take on the responsibility of enlightening and helping us.

Foundation of Sri Krishna Kripa Sewa Samiti

Devoted to the divine ideas of meditation, service, and dedication to humanity (Satsang, sewa, and sumiran) Gurudev founded this Samiti (organization). He has been teaching practical benefits of meditation and prayers and dealing with the problems and their solutions in day-to-day life since 1990, inspiring and transforming lives. This transnational organization has been aimed at bringing about a change much required in society.

Milestones so far

A wide movement dedicated to serving the cows (Gau Sewa), polio operations, free food distribution, and meditation camps for a tension free life, has been successfully whirling around all over the world under Gurudev’s organization taking i1n its ambit all spheres of society. The wonderful mingling of the philosophy of trio, the central idea in GITA, Duty (Karma), Devotion (bhakti) and Knowledge (Gyan) can be experienced in

Gurudev’s writings and lectures. Under the same umbrella organization, in 2012 Gurudev founded GIEO GITA to make the all-pervasive and extremely useful knowledge encrypted in our Holy book GITA, more comprehensible and applicable. His aim is to teach the virtue of life through GITA to everybody from the youth of this country to old.

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