“Religion without Drugs” – Workshop for a Drug free Religion in Cambodia

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“Religion without Drugs” – Workshop for a Drug free Religion in Cambodia

Drug abuse has become a rampant problem across the world threatening the basic pillars of society. No age – Rich or poor, young or old, literate or illiterate are all equally vulnerable. To curb this and create awareness, the Interior Ministry and Cults and Religion Ministry in Cambodia are working together with religious leaders to discourage drug use within religious institutions and educate people about the dangers of drugs.

Inaugurating the workshop o “Religion without Drugs” Interior Minister Sar Kheng said that religion can help discourage drug use within society. He said that the Royal Government of Cambodia and the National Authority for Combatting Drugs are trying their best to strengthen law enforcement, reported the KhmerTimes.

Speaking to the Buddhist monks at the workshop the Minister has assured them theat his government will not let drugs grow and spread and that they we will control the situation, “We have been cracking down on drugs and we have also implemented anti-drug laws”, he said. He also noted that in order to combat drug abuse, the ministry has established rehabilitation centres for addicts throughout the country.

“Currently, we are building a large rehab centre in Sihanoukville. We will do whatever it takes to prevent drug use from permeating among religious practitioners such as monks because the drug problem is interrelated,” Mr Kheng added. “If a society has problems with drugs spreading, then the problem can also reach religious practitioners. That’s why we need to educate the general public on the issue of drugs.”

Speaking to the Spiritual gurus at the workshop the Minister of Cults and Religion Him Chhem said Cambodians are proud of harmony among different religions and that the ministry will focus on faith free from drugs. “Cambodia is proud to have a variety of religions, and there has never been conflict or disagreements among religious practitioners,” Mr Chhem said.

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