Washed in Milk : Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Washed in Milk

  • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

All of you are washed in milk (doodh ke dhule) i.e. you are pure. This is such a beautiful expression but is used to taunt someone. When the black sesame seed is washed, it turns white. In the same way, our mistakes and sins are extraneous; wash them away with pranayama, meditation, seva and noble thoughts. Just wash them away thoroughly. The body gets cleansed through Ayurveda and yogasana. Through Pranayama, the mind, the prana gets purified, stabilized and becomes quiver free. And in the chitta (memory), mal (impractical), avaran (delusion) and vikshep (confusion/ vacillation) will be dispelled. Through kirtan and bhajan, the mind and the feelings get purified. Through knowledge, the intellect gets purified. For purification of the Self, one should meditate. Just as food is nourishment for the body, consider meditation to be the nourishment for the soul. Sit for short periods of time and become quiet; you will get amazing self-confidence.

Wealth is purified through charity. We should utilize two, three, five or up to ten percent of our income for society, and for others. Then there is another tradition in our society for purification of food: Anna Shuddhi, where a small amount of ghee was poured over the food, just a drop because it purifies food. Seva purifies the action (Karma). It is important for everyone to do seva. Maintain cleanliness within your home and in the city. Plant trees. Pray. The call of your heart will be heard. Along with prayer, keep doing your duty.

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