Pandharpur Varkari Yatra : Asadha Ekadashi Importance

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Pandharpur Varkari Yatra: Asadha Ekadashi Importance

The Asadhi Shukla Ekadashi is the most auspicious day for Lord Vitthala followers. According to Marathi calender today thousands of lord vitthala followers took a holy dip in Chandrabhaga river and get a glimpse of Lord Vitthal and Rukmini. The lord will go to sleep from today according to beliefs.

Pandharpuri Vari is considered the most sacred religious pilgrimage of India that happens in Ashada month of Hindu Calendar. The world Wari means and journey, and people for Maharashtra and Karnataka come to join this auspicious yatra by foot.  The followers of Vitthala assembled in Pandharpur and start their journey of 21 days.  It is a tradition of faith which began from around AD 1685.

According to beliefs, Lord Vitthal will begin to sleep from today, Asadhi Ekadashi or Devshayani Ekadashi. The temple kept open whole day for darshan today. Both revered saints palki, Sant Tukaram Maharaj and Sant Dnyaneshawar Palkhi journey from Pune and Alandi are said to come to a close on Ashadi Ekadashi.

Today, devotees meet together, take a bath in the Chandrabhaga river and finally move on for the last phase of the holy walk to Pandharpur – which is called as Pradakshina. Today, the Lord Vitthal and Rukmini idols are carried in a decorated chariot and Palkhi procession and end at Pandharpur.

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