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Meditation & Enlightenment : Swami Dipankar

What is enlightenment? 

Enlightenment is a heightened state of being and “waking up” to realize that your reality is simply based on your perception and your five senses. When an individual has attained enlightenment, which is by no means an easy thing to do, they see the world through new untainted eyes. When an individual is on the path to enlightenment, it is a conscious sort of rebirth. 

In order for you to be reborn, you must first “die”. Though the physical body does not change, the mind has to be destroyed of all former ideals and beliefs in order to allow new ones in. Once you awaken to your new “reality”, you will realize that everyone and everything around you is inter connected and your individuality no longer applies. Your level of thinking will be profoundly clearer and you will obtain pure knowledge. While you will not ever be able to control the material world, attaining enlightenment will allow you to be entirely free from it. Although difficult to attain but possible for every individual, enlightenment is an ongoing process that changes you from a disconnected human being to a connected human being to one’s higher self and the realm of spirit.

How do I achieve enlightenment?

Meditation is one of the most common practices adopted to achieve enlightenment. By meditating, you eliminate the stress that otherwise typically weighs the mind and body down. This allows you to transform into your true self. Deep meditation clears the channels and opens the path for greater levels of understanding of yourself, others and the universe. There are many forms and techniques of meditation either of which help you to dive deep in the ocean of stillness within. 

For beginners, you must train under a professional or an awakened guru who will guide you through the first few sessions until you are learn to meditate on your own. 

To begin a session of meditation, start by sitting in the traditional Lotus position. Close your eyes and internally chant a mantra or focus on your breathing paying attention to the thoughts and emotions rising within and the energy surrounding your physical being. Meditation provides the skill needed to separate yourself from your stress and anxiety, transcending your whole being into a conscious awakening, eventually into the state of enlightenment.

Beyond Meditation

Achieving a state of enlightenment is not as easy as simply meditating. You must take a deep and sometimes harsh look at yourself. Take time out of your day to focus on your own consciousness away from the daily stress your body and mind faces. Find pleasure in little things and savor the moment. Enlightenment comes from a total change of mind state. 

Beyond meditation, incorporate conscious practices in your everyday routine as a state of being. Allow your negative thoughts to exist, acknowledge their presence and then let them go. Focus on the present and do not dwell on past mistakes. Everything you have ever done and will ever do is simply a choice you have made. There is no right or wrong, only choices. Every choice you have made has brought you to where you are today.

One sure way to bring you closer to a state of enlightenment is to immerse yourself in nature. Acknowledge that you and your body  as an integral part of nature and use that newfound knowledge to eliminate past truths you once believed. Be mindful in everything you do, whether sleeping, eating, working or studying. Mindfulness is an important aspect of a healthy conscious soul. Approach life with intent and the state of enlightenment will find its way to you.

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