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Mango leaves are also not less than any medicine, know the benefits here

As the summer season approaches, mangoes start coming into the market. Mango is called the king of fruits. Mango is also found in vitamins A, vitamin C, and in addition to minerals like copper magnesium and potassium.

Mango has many benefits. But you will be surprised to know that apart from mango, its leaves are also very beneficial. Mango leaves are also used as a variety of medicines. They are used as many types of herbal medicine. Let’s know about the benefits of mango leaves.

Remove the problem of stone 

Mango leaves are used to relieve the problem of stone. To overcome this problem, grind mango leaves and soak them in water overnight. Wake up in the morning and drink this water. This ends the stone problem.

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Relief from respiratory diseases

Mango leaves prove to be very beneficial in respiratory diseases like asthma. For this, boil mango leaves in water and mix honey in it and drink it.

Relieving stomach problems

The use of mango leaves ends with many stomach related diseases. Dry mango leaves and makes powder of it. Then drinking it mixed with water keeps the stomach clean and relieves the constipation problem. Regular intake of the drink removes all the toxins from the stomach.

Relieving Earache

Mango leaves are very helpful in ear pain. During ear pain squeeze mango leaves, take out its juice and put a few drops in the ears. With this, the earache is cured very quickly.

Relief from burns

Place mango leaves on the place where your skin is burnt, this helps in correcting the skin quickly and also provides relief in irritation.

Remove fatigue

Mango leaves are also very useful for the body to eliminate fatigue. For this, mix some mango leaves in your bath water and take a bath with it. It refreshes the body as well as relieves fatigue and restlessness.


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