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Ayurveda tips to be Healthy in Spring Season

Basant aaya Bahar aayi – With Basant Panchami here comes the season where the Mother Nature unfurls itself to its best. With beautiful yellow, red, blue, orange flowers in our gardens we start feeling relieved from the extreme cold, dry weather that we have faced in past months.

Spring is a time to start rejoicing again and take yourself to a regime to be fit and healthy. But changing weather from cold, dry and rough to soothing and warm often brings seasonal infections or disease with it. And our old traditional medicinal system Ayurveda teaches us how to take care of us in this changing season.

Begin your day with a Tulsi tea. Yes Tulsi that has a medicinal properties helps in improving immunity and releasing toxins from the body. A warm glass of tulsi water firstly in the morning starts your day afresh, energised and hydrated. 

Start your day with a morning walk or some exercise. Every day one hour of outdoor exercise or walk in sun help you to gain vitality and you feel energetic throughout the day. Soak yourself to sun as in winters you might have not got out of your blankets. Soaking an hour in sun will help you to absorb vitamin D that is must for your healthy bones. Just go for it.

In spring if you want to be feel to be more energetic try dry brushing or massage. In Ayurveda there is a technique known as Garshana where silk massage gloves are used to rub on body. This technique help in exfoliating the skin, increasing the blood flow and clear the lymphatic congestion. In dry brushing a brush is used to rub on body and this is followed by warm oil massage. Dry brushing open the skin pores and oil massage help in soothing or calming the nervous system. This also adds a glow to your skin.

Spring is the best time to practice deep breathing everyday. Ayurveda advice you to practice Kapalbhati Pranayama everyday . This Pranayam helps in releasing out the stress and  removing the lung congestion. Thus try to practice breathing techniques and deep breathing to begin your day with healthy thoughts. 

Spring is a time to now eat healthy food. To start with adding more green leafy vegetable and colourful fruits to your diet. Not only this adds spices to add up taste and flavours. Ayurveda teaches about spices in detail and how these spices not only have a unique taste but each possesses the unique property to fight with seasonal infection. So add these spices like turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, ajwain, garlic, ginger and more to your food and strengthen your body’s immunity.


And in the last not the least Ayurveda teaches that in spring one should follow strict sleeping regime too. According to Ayurveda one should sleep before 10 in night and wake up early before the sun rises during seasonal changes like in Spring. Follow these tips and get set ready in spring to fight with bacteria and viruses and to ward off any infection. Happy Spring to all.

By-Monica Saxena

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