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MahaShivratri 2020: Lord Shiva Temples in Jammu Part 2

Religion World took you to Shankaracharya Temple in Srinagar and Amarnath Temple in Pahalgam in Kashmir earlier, both dedicated to Lord Shiva and now we take you to another Shiva Temples that are famous and worldwide known. They are Ranbireshwar Temple and Peer Kho Cave Temple.

Ranbireshwar Temple: 

Ranbireshwar Temple is situated in Jammu. The unique element of this temple is that there are twelve Shiva ‘lingams’ of crystals that are 12” to 18” high. There are galleries that have Saligrama’ fixed on the stone slabs. This temple was constructed by king, Raja Ranbir Singh, who was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He established a seven-and-a-half feet high crystal Lingam in the temple. Another prominent feature that makes this temple unique is that  three of its walls are gold clad. And two of the walls are adorned with the images of Ganesha and Kartikeya. There are several Shiva lingas in the shrine along with a Nandi Bull. It is believed amongst the pilgrims that all your wishes come true when whispered in the bull’s ears. Depicting the art and architecture of 1883, it offers a marvellous view of isolated forested hills. Standing affirm as tall as 75 meters high, the temple itself is a historical landmark.

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Peer Kho Cave Temple: 

religion world imagesPeer Kho Cave Temple is situated on the banks of river Tawi and is another pilgrim site in Jammu. This temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva and is called  as “Jamwant Cave” by its worshippers. This temple is called by this name by a popular belief that one of the  Ramayan’s character “Jamvant” (the bear God) used to come here and meditate in this cave. Enshrined with the svayambhu shivalinga, the temple is situated in the acacia forest amid igneous rocks and is tagged as one of the most ancient Shiva Temples in the region. The festival of Shivratri is the most popular religious festival which is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm who come over to seek magical blessings. If you wish to take a quick dip into the laps of spirituality, well then Peer Kho Cave Temple is the right place for you.

By-Monica Saxena

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