Help Rebuild Govardhan Math, Puri

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Help Rebuild Govardhan Math, Puri

Destruction by Cyclone Fani

The Cyclone Fani which battered the East Coast of India from 2nd to 4th May 2019 caused heavy damage to Puri’s Govardhan Math, especially the Gaushala. The city of Puri, where the Math is located has a seafront and was one of the worst hit. The Math is less than a kilometre from the Puri Beach and was right in the path of the cyclone. The cyclone caused extensive damage to the buildings.

Goal of this Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to revive the damaged buildings and restore them to back functioning order. Though normalcy is yet to return, we estimate that a sum of INR 50 lakhs will be required to repair and restore the following buildings/facilities. Money collected will be transferred to the Poorvamnaya Jagadguru Shankaracharya Dharmik Avm Punyartha Nyas.

The estimate of Works:

The Gaushala (Cow Shed) itself has a big area and there are three sheds covering 15,000 sq ft.

1. Three Cow Shelters of 15,000 square feet. Estimated cost INR 30 lakh to be spent on the listed works:

  • Broken & displaced ceiling, broken walls, doors etc
  • Loss of fodder stock
  • Cement Water Tanks
  • Electrical and water works
  • Malwa clearing
  • Trees clearing

2. Other Expenses: Estimated cost INR 20 lakh to be spent on the listed works:

  • Work on the Building including electricity, water and civic work 7 lakhs
  • JCB levelling of ground: 500 hrs x 900 per hour= 4.5 lakh
  • Fodder stock loss: 4 lakhs worth was in stock which is lost
  • Cement Water Tanks: 3 lakhs
  • Electrical and water work, fittings etc. 1.5 lakhs

This adds up to the total cost of INR 50 lakh which is the target of this campaign. Please donate generously and share with your friends and on social media with a message to contribute to the restoration of the oldest Math established by Adi Shankaracharya.


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