Brahma Kumaris at Climate Change Conference COP23 : Aware, Awake and Meditate for a Better World

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Climate Change Conference COP23 Tuesday 7th Nov 2017 Bonn, Germany

Brahma Kumaris are peace lovers world citizens. They holistically serving humanity. And when it comes to save human lives from human generated factors, they are champions of several world issues. The Climate Change Conference COP23 is going on in Bonn, Germany. A team of dedicated Brahma Kumaris are there to aware everyone about nature and creature. Have a look about their awareness efforts.

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Morning program in the Indonesian Pavilion

Tuesday started with an interfaith program called “Sustainable Living” arranged by Green Faith. Gopal Patel, the Hindu representative, shared the original meaning of the sanskrit word “dharma”, which is often wrongly translated as “religion”, but actually means “that which is sustainable, that which sustains you”. Juan spoke as the representative of the Youth Constituency and the Brahma Kumaris. He shared his experience from the peoples’ climate march in 2015 in Manhattan NY where 400,000 people demonstrated against climate change. There, he met Professor Marianne Talker from Yale University who told him, that we need to change our consciousness and open up to spirituality.

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Ms. Nana Firman, the Muslim representative, described a new campaign in her community to eat meat only once or twice a year. Gopal Patel shared that, in Hinduism, vegetarianism is a natural consequence of the philosophy of non-violence, which needs to be strengthened and promoted further. Juan spoke about the innovative India One solar power plant in Abu, which is supported by the German and Indian governments. He also explained about consumption consciousness. One often has the chance to buy locally grown food products and usually they have a lower carbon footprint than products brought in from other countries. Juan ended his talk with a meditation and asked the audience to send good thoughts and vibrations especially to the negotiators and decision makers.

ये भी पढें – भारत की देसी गायें : पूरे देश की देसी गायों की जानकारी 

RINGO meeting

Valériane attended the meeting of the Constituency of Research and Independent NonGovernmental Organisations (RINGO). Brahma Kumaris is part of this constituency. About sixty university teachers, researchers and students who are studying and working on climate change issues such as finance, mitigation, health, negotiations and adaptation etc., gathered to share information on the whole process and the latest news. Valériane met with a number of researchers working on mindsets, faiths and ethics.

India-One in Public Space

On their personal two-hour climate protection walk through the forest to the conference, Sonja and Golo unexpectedly found another India-One advertisement at a local bus stop. It seems that the German government is running a massive advertisement campaign, and the results appear in newspaper, internet and public spaces. What magic!

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University interviews:

Juan was interviewed by Mark Ortiz from the university of North Carolina. Juan spoke about a new movement called sacred activism, an initiative that the BKs have been party to since COY7 / COP17. Juan shared information about the workshops and activities the BK youth have organized, or participated in, over the last 7 years. Golo had an hour long interview with Daniel Krantz, a doctoral researcher at Arizona State University, School of Sustainability. The focus was on faith-based environmentalism. Golo explained the connection between science and spirituality and referred to the solar projects of the Brahma Kumaris as practical examples. We inspire people in two ways; networking and doing programs, but also taking care of meditation and creating a good atmosphere.

Nano interview in the green sofa

Juan was asked for good twitter slogans, his tweet was: Transforming the energy of our consciousness from negative into positive, is inner sustainability.

Meeting with Potsdam Research Institute Sonja and Golo had an introductory meeting at the German Pavilion with Dr. Daniel Klingenfeld, Head of Director’s Staff, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. He appreciated that BKs as an spiritual organization developed practical results in renewable energy. Markus Kurzdiel of GIZ then introduced Golo to Norbert Gorissen, The Head of Division of the German environment ministry and discussed his visit to India one power plant in the near future.

The German Pavilion serves free coffee, so it has developed into a frequented meeting point within the COP. As a highlight, India one is frequently displayed on the large LED globe hanging from the ceiling.


Environmental greetings from Sister Jayanti for the 12th June, 6 months after the COP21 Paris agreement, as participation in the events being called by the OurVoices organisation.


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