Blog: Why Religion World Website is needed?

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Doing righteousness in today’s world is considered immoral. Law, probity, ethics and respect are conspicuously depleting. Succor and encouragement which were once pillars of a thriving society are now embellishment of our texts. Repulsive communication has become the order of the day. Not that we wish to use our ugly quintessence, it’s more like we are reciprocating. We just wish to answer to the world in a way it understands. You all must be thinking why is that we are starting this introduction of an ALL RELIGION WEBSITE with so much negativity, so much dissent, so much contrariness. It’s simply because we cannot pluck a lotus without getting into mire. In today’s universal society, universal as we all are one and strive to get back to that original source whatever we may entitle him, the basic characteristic of blissfulness has changed to misery.

 Now if wish to egress from this web of angst we must subdue ourselves to a source. This origin may be in form of a set of experiences.  Experiences which elucidates law, ethics and consciousness. To sum up these we call them religion. If we think practically all religions are nothing but a mere set of decisions made by the incomparable or his disciples for a welcoming life. It’s basically an arrangement of decisions turned into bundle of solutions to make our life worthy. Be it norms of society or values of a house or rules of an organization they are just decisions taken and enforced. Decisions which are virtuous, moral and pious are followed and abided as laws. Decisions which are ambiguous and unprincipled are changed while others are followed as religion. It is the core of our existence. Another important thing in today’s world is technology; if you really want to excel you need technology as your partner. Young minds or for that matter anybody who has a curious perspective want instant answers and ready information. Religious Websites can act as Digital Gurus –providing information and redefining religious practices for a better world. No doubt we need religion for our very existence .religion can be personified with a flowing river. A river is destined to flow between two ends; though it flows with full velocity still everybody expects it to never break it banks.  An overflowing river can manage two things – devastation in form of floods and creation of new ponds and lakes. Similarly a religion when flows between two ends of love and truth it is followed and worshipped. Once it breaks the end either it will become fundamentalist thus ignoring every axiom laid for the betterment or it will create a small set of rules to be confined into a new religion (like a new lake or pond created). Hence we need spirituality as it is like an ocean in which all the religious rivers empty themselves. Spirituality is not something different from religion it is religion embedded with love, compassion and truth. 

 All religion website is more of a spiritual website, it is like a big umbrella under whose shelter we can discuss and grow our religion. In today’s context it is like a shopping mall where we get all our stuff under one roof. Sometimes we visit just for window shopping still end up buying ,same way visiting this website will insure that we are enlightened with religious information and discourses .In every religion the importance of Guru is defined. ARW can be interpreted as a virtual Guru. In modern times we need ARW to enrich our lives with pleasant and spiritual developments. 

Neeraj Seth

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