World’s First Spiritual Edutainment and Experiential Theme Park ‘DEVLOK’

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World’s First Spiritual Edutainment and Experiential Theme Park ‘DEVLOK’ at the Holy Land Tirupati soon !

Tirupati. Spirituality is deep rooted in the Hindu culture. We grew up listening to stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata and various other literatures. They teach us lessons of life and touch our soul thereby revealing their infusing knowledge and dispel the evil and obliviousness. India is considered as the wealthiest in terms of spiritual treasures, such time-less stories are a vital part of our beliefs and distinctiveness. Now, there is one such initiative, with the help of latest technology, visual architecture and concepts and virtual reality will take us into a new world that leaves an epic prominence on our hearts. Devlok will be a first of its kind thematic experience destination, where entertainment and enlightenment will be in perfect harmony.

Talking about Devlok, Ajay Kumar, Managing Director said,  “It will be the first attempt in man’s civilized history to bring the Epics of Hinduism alive through a theme park. It is not a museum, temple or school instead is a unique blend of architecture, technology and remarkable story telling techniques brought together to rekindle the joys of divinity, nature, family bonds while discovering one’s inner self.”

Devlok is being developed by M/s. Vaishnovi Versatile Ventures Pvt. Ltd. under Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Department of Tourism, Government of Andhra Pradesh at Alipiri, the foothills of Tirumala in 38 acres of Land with an investment of around Rs. 750 Crores in phased manner.

Devlok will be the “Universal Studios for Hinduism”

Devlok Comprises of:

  1. SriHaridham – Miniature Replicas of 108 Great Temples, World’s Biggest Diya (18 Shaki Peetas & 12 Jyothir Lingas), Kundalini Tower with Light and Water Show, Moksha Bell, Nirvana – Buddha’s Museum, Bharat Spiritual Museum etc.
  2. Divya Desam Tower – 10 Dimensional Dashavatara Virtual Reality Arena (In Sync with Theory of Evloution), Venkateswara Mahatvara Hydraulic Boat Ride, Viswakarman – Temple Museum, Viswam – Vedic Cosmology Experience Dome Theater.
  3. Himagiri – Snow Park with Ice Temples (Vaishnovi, Amaranth, Chardham, Manasarovar and Mount Kailash Yatras).
  4. Sagara Manthan – Spiritual Water Park.
  5. Pushpaka Vimana (Novotel) – 5 Star Hotel of 275 Keys with 2,000 pax International Convention Center and Ayurvedic Health Village.

It is tough for young tech savvy generation to connect with these mythic preaching, sermons and scriptures. Hence the question arises of “How do we make these stories of our native land and our deepest philosophies relevant to this generation and the future generations to come?”

The primeval purpose of the Devlok is ‘to make religion relevant in a refreshing new way’. It has been five centuries since something as impactful and so deeply soaked in Hinduism has been established for the world to see and the newer generations to experience.

Devlok is the world’s first theme park emblazoned in the ethos of “Sanathana Dharma”.

Devlok is located at the foothills of Tirupati and is one of the most visited holy places in the world with over 50 million visitors annually that is 3 times more visitors than the Vatican. Since there is no other Entertainment and Tourist attraction spot in the nearby area, it will become the destination of choice for the thousands of devotees to indulge in after offering prayers at the temple, to gain the knowledge of their culture and attain relaxation. Devlok encompass wide range of Devotion, Culture & Heritage, Leisure, Business Tourism, Recreation, Health Care, Entertainment, and Amusement etc., all under one umbrella which will attract a cross section of Tourists. Devlok Project has been designed to educate and entertain around 7,000 to 10,000 Tourists a Day.

The Total Cost of ‘Devlok Spiritual Edutainment Theme Park’ has been estimated at Rs. 750 Crores. Project Construction has started in 2018 and is expected to be open to public starting from Oct 2020 and will be fully complete by Oct 2022. Apart from enriching Spiritual Tourism and positioning India in International Tourism Network, the project will also generate direct and indirect employment for around 3,000 people.

DEVLOK Spiritual Edutainment and Experiential Theme Park Advantages:

  1. Establish Destination Tourism for all age groups with focus on Indian Style of Leisure, Scientific & Historical Knowledge enrichment in Spiritual Environment, Entertainment with Enlightenment.
  2. Offer Memorable Spiritual Experience to Visitors by providing Access to miniatures of 108 Ancient Temples in India at one place.
  3. Experience the Gods Creation & Vibrations of Divinity by bringing the Cultural & Spiritual history to live through exceptional Video Visuals.
  4. Offer unforgettable Moments of Experience on Concepts of Indian Mythology to all age group people with Spiritual Museums, Spiritual Rides, Theme shows, Water Rides based on Hindu Epics.
  5. Improve wellness & happiness of people Offer facilities with scientific blend of Ancient Indian, Oriental and Modern Contemporary Medicine and Transcendental Meditation & Mindfulness.
  6. Holy Stay apart from Events & Functions at the Lotus Feet of Sri Lord Venkateshwara Swamy using a World Class Novotel 5 Star Hotel and International Convention Center.
  7. Create Global Brand for India and Andhra Pradesh with unique Knowledge based Spiritual Edutainment.
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