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The MIT World Peace University has organised a four-day World Parliament of science, religion and philosophy at its Rajbaug campus at Loni Kalbhor.

Why this World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy?

Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad

Founder & President, MIT World Peace University Creator and Architect of World’s Biggest Dome

Friends, on this background, it is high time that the learned Scholars, Thinkers, Academicians, Philosophers, Scientists, Men of Religion / Spirituality should come together to evolve a VALUE BASED UNIVERSAL EDUCATION SYSTEM with an appropriate component of Science and Religion / Spirituality to establish and develop a HOLISTIC PEACE-LOVING HARMONIOUS GLOBAL SOCIETY.

Looking at the prevailing disturbing scenario all over the world, it is imperative that we carry out introspection, search where we have gone wrong and decide about the measures, that can help in setting the things right. It requires sincere efforts and firm action by all the right thinking knowledgble people without any further loss of time. Any further delay will make the process irreversible and whatever rot has set in, will get perpetuated.


Theme – Need to promote “Value Based Universal Education System based on the appropriate understanding of the Role of Science and Spirituality, to minimize the chaos, confusion, terrorism and violence prevailing in the world.

Plenary Session – II 

Theme : Need to promote the Gandhian Philosophy of Truth and Non-violence to establish peace-loving holistic globalsociety.

Plenary Session – III

Theme : Religion and Religious scriptures ofthe World are trueLife-guiding Scriptures/Principles

Plenary Session – IV

Theme : Need forSustainable Development in promoting wellbeing ofMankind andWorld Peace

Plenary Session –V

Theme : Non-duality as the Philosophy of Science, to realize the nature of the self through the universal equation AUM-E=MC2

Plenary Session –VI

Theme : Finding the Pathway to World Peace through the confluence of time-tested philosophies of various nations of the world

Plenary Session –VII

Theme : Need to transform Universities / Colleges from Information and Data Collection Centers into the True Centers of Scientifically oriented Knowledge andWisdom

Plenary Session -VIII

Theme : Need to transform Pilgrim Centers of the world into Divine Knowledge Centers of the world to minimize the ritualistic religious concepts of Superstition andBlind Faith.

Plenary Session – IX

Theme : Nature of Mind, Matter, Spirit and Consciousness and the methods of Meditation like Yoga, Vipashyana, Pranayam, Namaz, Prayer, Chanting develop positive thinking and mindset

Plenary Session – X

Theme – The Concept of “God” the Ultimate Truth / Reality as envisaged through Mother Nature /Entire Universe as propounded byPhilosopherSaint Shri Dnyaneshwara

Plenary Session – XI





Need to promote “value based universal education system” based on the appropriate understanding of the role of science and spirituality / religion, to minimize chaos, confusion, terrorism and violence prevailing in the world.

This was the theme chosen for the first Session of the World Parliament 2018, held on the auspicious occasion of the Birth Anniversary of the Father of the Indian nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The event started right after the Worlds Biggest Dome, The Sant Dynaneshwara World Peace Prayer Hall and Library, was inaugurated by the Vice President of India, Sri Venkaiah Naidu and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis.

The Session Began with Prof Carolyn Jenkins detailing her experiences while working for an NGO in Vai, Maharashtra. She quoted the example of a young boy who was born with 3 holes in his heart. Instead of the villagers understanding and accepting the problem to then try and wrok towards a solution, the first thing they did is try and understand who is to blame for the boy’s predicament. Most blamed the mother and her past life’s bad experiences, including the mother herself. Then some blamed the father and his errant ways. But no one tried to look for a workable solution for the child. In this way the Professor challenged long held superstitions and the fact that the education imparted to the villagers had very little to say about the role of science and logical thinking. She strives still to undo that blind faith amongst people.

Hiroo Saionji, was pressed for time, but nonetheless did a good job of his speech. He thanked Prof Dr V D Karad on the monumental success of the World Peace Parliament before outlining the work his organization has been undergoing. He stresses that the time is now for us to collectively analyze all paths towards religions and spirituality and create a unified pathway based on that study. Moreover, he spoke of the ‘Peace Balls’ that his organization has created which have the world Peace etched on them in almost all the languages of the world. He has created and gifted close to 200 of them globally so far. He plans to gift on to Prof Dr V D Karad as well.

Kalyan Vishwanathan was a refreshing change as he wished to play the Devil’s Advocate about the initiative so as to ensure its success by tackling the issue before it even begins. He stressed on the fault lines between spirituality and religion while supporting that spirituality and science still had a better connect with each other. This in turn raised the question of how religion could be compatible with the unified views being espoused, noting that it can be done albeit with difficulty.

Dr P B Sharma wished to modify the existing structure of education itself. He stressed on how the country was involved in merely creating students who learn by rote instead of learning by actually delving into the study material. He further stressed that the way forward was through dialogue and through the creation of an education system that gave as much weightage to spiritual development as it did to temporal development.

Scott R Herriot is a scientist who stressed on the spiritual aspects of healing the world itself. He stresses ion the application of transcendental medication to achieve a lasting world peace. He states that studies have shown that amongst a control group not everyone must practice said medication for it to benefit the entire group. The percentage required is so dismally small, but it effects everyone in the group. In that way he states that for India to benefit only 4000 individuals are required to practice the meditation, and for the whole world to benefit only 7000 must meditate. Thus he states each and every university on the planet has the power to actually change the world and bring about a serious world peace.

Dr C K Bharadwaj took the most practical route out of this by stressing on the importance of science and technology and how commerce is actually binding us all together. He goes on to state that as beautiful as any philosophy can be, its practical implementation is what ought to decide its worth and value. He stated that there were many truths hidden in the world religions as well as the sciences and only through their synthesis can the word fight the evils of terrorism and chaos, which is nothing but the power of ignorance over the power of wisdom.

Shri. Rahul Karad Speech Highlights

– Rahul Karad began by thanking everyone and welcoming Venkaiah Naidu, the Mayor of the city of Pune and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis.  He then thanked his father with emphasis on the fact that every minute thing associated with the Dome was seen to by him. Rahul Karad states that like we have the founders of India, these 54 represent the founders of humanity. Prof Dr V D Karad has ensured through these statues that the 54 have become the true material representation of Swami Vivekananda’s Science and spirituality synthesis. Sri Rahul further states that this must become a prominent tourist destination of the world and to govern this this structure Prof Dr V D karad envisages a governing body of the world’s greatest thinkers, politicians and philosophers. Considering ‘Vasudev Kutumbhkam’, Sri Rahul urged newly weds and others to visit the dome to understand the message of peace and harmony better. Further he states that Raj Kapoor’s soul must have now found peace knowing his land has been utilized for such pious purposes. Finally, Sri Rahul thanked Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu for taking time out and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra for his support which he has always extended.

Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D Karad 

– Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad thanks Hon’ble Vice-President Venkiah Naidu, The CM of Maharashtra and all VVIPS seated in front of him. Prof Karad’s ideal is Swami Vivekakanda whom he idealized after reading ‘Thus spake Vivekanada’ in college. He is also an ardent Vaishnavite and a supporter of Sant Tukaram and Sant Dnyaneshwar due to his familial legacy. With all of this said, considering the world today, steeped in chaos and confusion as it is, despite the great advances in science and technology we have made, we find that inner peace is missing and that is causing chaos within and around us. Thus considering the words and teachings of the world’s greatest philosophers, scientists and religious leaders, Prof V D Karad believes it is now time for them to hold dialogue with each other, presumably here in these very halls. The time to synthesis all these thoughts into a cohesive structure is now. Prof Karad states that Vivekananda said that the 21st century will be when India will come across as the knowledge giver of the world. To signify the coming of that age, this small monument to that great thought was conceived and erected by him. Furthermore Prof V D Karad thanks all the actual workers for the monument, calling them by name and also personally thanking the sculptor himself! The Dome is the greatest congregation of the world’s foremost thinkers. And then Prof Karad gave an explanation as to why the statues are placed as they are. Finally, Prof V D Karad thanked everyone present and said that he thinks this is an excellent way to showcase our country and its core principals.

Dr. Vijay P Bhatkar 

– Dr Vijay P Bhatkar began his speech by thanking the dignitaries for being here to unveil this structure. He then stated that the triumph for human ingenuity is that common workers made this dome without the use of a single computer. These were ordinary folk who built this structure, just as ordinary people have built the world around us. He further expounded that the true meaning of science, religions and philosophy is for them to integrate with each other to come up with a method to further humanity and only the correct interpretation of science and religion can bring peace on earth.  Dr Vijay stressed that science and religion must be built together as crystallized by the views of Sant Dnyaneshwar 700 years ago when he said the ‘World is my family’. Thus the apt naming of prayer hall and library! Dr Vijay lastly stated that we will live together or perish together. Let this structure remind us of the fact that we can also easily live together.

Dr Ragunath Mashalkar

– The learned doctor stated that Science isn’t only compatible with religion, it is the source of religion itself. He asked everyone to reemphasize the uniqueness of human mind, and not just AI. He states that he wishes to be able to come here after a 100 years to see the positive influences of the dome with peace not being outside but inside us as well. He concluded by informing Dr Karad that this is his greatest gift ever to the world, and that is saying something!

Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis

–  Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis started by claiming this was a momentous occasion, the unveiling of the World’s biggest dome dedicated to world peace. He stressed on Sant Dnyanehswar’s message that states that harmony is achieved only by removing ignorance. He further elaborated that Sant Dnyaneshwar was the first to evoke a God of Humanity and not of a particular religion and that he stressed that the evil within men should perish and not evil men. Finally, the CM concludes by saying that truth is like the sea, thus as all rivers lead to it, so shall all religions and sciences lead to it as Swami Vivekananda had said. The dome stands for that for sure.

Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri. Venkaiah Naidu ji 

– Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri. Venkaiah Naidu ji thanked everyone on dais and applauded the dome. He further stated in Marathi how great and grand the inauguration of this dome on the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhi is. He was very happy to inaugurate the dome and Swami Vivekananda’s statue. He states that this monument gives great credit to the ancient philosophy and modern truth of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbhkam. He humorously went on to say that, this dome will prevent doom Before stating that nowhere in the world was such a structure created. The Vice Presdient went on to stress that Hinduism is way of life not worship, thus this dome acts like a beacon to the rich legacy and heritage of India and that after food, clothes and shelter you need peace, both inner and outer. And that is Indian tradition in itself, the legacy we are bequeathed by pour parents which Dr Karad had turned into a monument. That the Vice President is sure will go down in history. Thus Dr Karad had outdone himself with this contribution to the people. The Vice President said that the conviction of Dr Karad comes from his conviction in the core of Indian Philosophy which is ‘share and care’. Moreover Mr naidu agreed with sri Rahul Karad that there should be no public private distinction in education with welfare of the public being the only central tenet. And though he is against dynasty principally, he approved of the dynasty that is to be Sri Rahul’s legacy and that is the welfare of the people. He also endorsed MIT’s program to educate future politicians and loved this tradition started by the Karad family. MR Naidu said that ‘Peace is a prerequisite for progress, something that applies not only to India but to all humanity and indeed the entire universe.’ He then spoke about how Swami Vivekananda is greatest Indian export ever. He recently went to Chicago and addressed the World Hindu council just as Vivekananda all these years ago. He came to understand that belief in our culture and the need of the hour is for us to return to our roots, like Gurukul parampara. He firmly believes that we may take the best from others, but cannot forget where we came from. We also need to find the union of science and technology. The Vice President said that we were once Vishwaguru with universities in Nalanda and Takshila. This time has come again. The greatest thing Mr Naidu felt is that the entire dome was built without employing any Architects or technical knowhow. Thus he postulates that all Indians are inherently great, and thus we occupy all the greatest positions across the globe. This will only happen when we understand that education is not for employment exclusively, but enhancement as well. For that we need to change the education system, something already begun under the auspices of Modi and people like Dr V D Karad. He goes on to say that the dome is also a monument to Gandhian thought. Simplicity is key as exemplified through the Vice Presidents own example of not changing his clothing style after becoming the Vice President of India.

–  He further stated that Yoga is not religious, it’s an art practiced by the world now, there is truth in ‘Health is Wealth’. We must understand that we have come alone and will leave alone. If we understand that then we will not allow any scams or evil within our lives. Mr Naidu said that India’s strength lies in its diversity. Thus the dome representing disparate people and disparate faiths, finds a singularity of purpose. Education will remove gender disparity. Connection with Janmbhoomi cannot be forgotten. Similarly connection with Mother tongue is important since language and emotion walk together. And finally the Vice President said that never forget motherland. If something happens in Kashmir even Kanyakumari must worry. Having said that, he says we must also worry about international events. Never forget your Guru, like these 54 luminaries here. Thus remember great people like Prof Karad. This all is the idea and message of the dome. This dome is not only the largest in size but also in ideas. With that he concluded his speech to thunderous applause.

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