Where to place Sankha at Home? घर में शंख कहां रखें ?

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Where to place Sankha at Home?

  • Dr. Swati Chakraborty

It is very important to know about the reality of Sankha or conch shell. From the Vedic era till today the traditional Indian Sankha or conch shell have its position of the clan in the Indian Hindu house remains steady. As a symbol of Lord Vishnu, Sankha is also being worshiped. Apart from this, the war started in the ancient time; it was also said in the Mahabharata. Even today, if earthquake occurs, or if there is any disaster, the sound of Sankha comes from almost every family. Sankha is also essential for the wedding. Conch plays an important role in Buddhism also.

Sankha is very famous for Puja purpose regularly at home and places of worship. As per tradition, the power of the heart goes away, and the heart is strong. All these reasons, it is required to be kept in the house. But it is not lawful to keep Sankha as it is. The Vedic Ecosystem explains, the best possible way to keep Sankha in the house, in exactly with appropriate processes.

• Worship in the house must be adjusted regularly. In dawn and evening it should be worshiped.

• To keep a cone in the house, it is rare not to have a cone, but to keep at least two. And they should keep them separate.

• The rhythm that is played requires regular watering and should be hydrated. And it needs to cover with a piece of yellow cloth.

• Ganga jal is best to clean the Sankhao. After that, it is necessary to get rid of it in white clothes.

• Must place it high. Never put on the ground.

• The Sankhao that is to be worshiped must not be used. And which one is used for playing should not be worshiped.

• Should not be held on Shivalinga.

• Never worshiping for Shiva and the Sun is not watered through the conch.


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