Symposium on Kumbh : IIMC and Religion World Joint Effort

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Symposium on Kumbh : IIMC and Religion World Joint Effort

What is Kumbh ? Why it is organised ? Why people have so much faith in bathing on specific dates and places ? How Kumbh is associated with Hindu Religion ? Is Kumbh evolving? Why it matters for India ? How media covers Kumbh ? What media missed in the Kumbh Mela ?

As Kumbh Mela is going on a lot of buzz has created around it. As an inquisitive mind, anyone can ask why so much of spending and how this big scale of devotees reach at one place. Everything seems disciplined and well managed. Is this all about mega event management or is there any faith element that guides everything.

Kumbh Mela area has 3200 hectares of land, 6000 camps, 600 free kitchens, 100+ free medical camps, 20,000 free rooms to stay and 300 kilometres of inner roads. There are three royal bath and many other bathing rituals on special dates.

To understand more, Indian Institute of Mass Communication and India’s leading website of all religions, Religion World is organising an  intriguing session on a lot of topics around Kumbh. Distinguished panel of religious-spiritual leaders and renowned journalists will highlight various aspects of Kumbh Mela.

Indian Institute of Mass Communication and Religion World jointly organising a Symposium on Kumbh on 7th Feb, 3.30-530pm.

Venue : Mahatma Gandhi Hall, IIMC, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New JNU Campus, New Delhi

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