Successful completion of the 4th Dhamma Padh Yatra (Walk for World Peace)

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Successful completion of the 4th Dhamma Padh Yatra (Walk for World Peace)

June 27, 2019: A walk to enlighten the world for peace which was initiated on 25th May is finally successful. With a purpose to spread the message of Love, peace, humanity and harmony across the world, monks who took a long walk “Pad Yatra” in the uniqueness the whole Himalayan region have reached from Dharamshala to Leh Ladakh. After the successful completion of yatra, MIMC is organizing a 3 days conference which is initiated by Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena, Founder of Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre who welcomed the pilgrims to MIMC Campus. He also organised a Grand reception for Thai delegation on successful completion of the 4th Dhamma Padh Yatra (Walk for World Peace).

Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his warm regards to venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena. Prime Minister says that the motto of MIMC “Compassion in action, Meditation in action” will surely set the tone for the conference. I am sure that the dialogue among the different faiths will lead to a better appreciation and higher understanding of each other’s beliefs, thoughts and actions.”

In the conference, former ambassador of Kazakhstan Phunchok Stobdan spoke about Himalayan Cultural Heritage and explained how can we save the Himalayan culture. The presentation was appreciated by everyone

Dr. Tashi Dorji, CIMOD, Nepal spoke about the welfare of the himalyan region, he also said how can we save the belt of Himalayan region. He also requested all the countries who are on the belt of the himalyan region to save the belt.

India has been facing a disastrous climate change in the past few years, In a year ice from Himalayan belt has held approximately by 8.3 billion ice melted from the Himalayan glacier.

On this Success by MIMC- Eminent dignitaries lighted the lamp and gave a start to the celebration. To create a more joyous environment student of MIMC sang Dhamma song. They also Presented Khattak (Ladakhi traditional scarves) for all the Padh Yatra delegates. Phra Pariyatthisutti (Lord Abbott of Thai Royal Temple and leader of the Padh Yatra delegation) also address to the people at MIMC.

His Holiness Bhikkhu Sanghasena for the triumphant Pad yatra said ” People are unable to comprehend that fundamentally all religions are the same. That all humans are born and brought up under the sun, drink the same water, and at the end, we all will die. So, where is the difference? Our ignorance creates this difference. This walk is to remind everyone that we belong to one global family.”

Eminent speakers like Dr. Suzanne von der Heide, Shri Binod Chaudhary, Dr. Binny Sareen and many more prominent delegates gave a short message to the people. The day was concluded with a dinner in Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre Campus.

About Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC)

Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC), provides practice and teaching of meditation, where all students and teachers of Mahabodhi Devachan are introduced to meditation. Each year, in summers MIMC is engaged in conducting several meditation activities. Moreover, there is a Sambodhi Retreat Centre that offers both short and longer duration meditation courses with yoga classes. Additionally, there is a three-day residential meditation course such as yoga, dhamma talks, and a question and answer class held at the main centre. Furthermore, there is ‘Milarepa meditation trekking’, that combines trekking with meditation in an ideal way to explore the magnificent natural environment of Ladakh has to offer.

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