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Safeguard Yourself

  • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

You get angry because you want perfection, or you want certain things to be in a certain way. When you have the attitude, ‘let’s face it, this is life’, then suddenly the brain starts relaxing. By getting angry, it is not going to help you or make the work happen. When somebody is angry at you, either you can get angry or just quietly watch them, and then say, ‘Peace.’ There is nothing wrong in using anger as a weapon, but if it is cutting your own peace of mind, then you should use wisdom to safeguard yourself. In a house, don’t you keep a dustbin? In the same way, give some room for imperfection, by which at least your mind will be at peace. What is the point of keeping your mind disturbed?

There are all types of people in the world. Society is made up of 12 people. Four good, four mediocre and four hopeless. While dealing with homeless people, your mind should be at peace. Mediocre people bring out skills in you, and good people always help you. Imperfect people are also there; they push your buttons and make you angry. Know that they are there to make you strong.  We have to accept them as they are and move ahead. How you can keep your equanimity and yet help them from where they are to where they could be, is what you need to see. Keep doing what you can do, and know that there is a big power which is in control of everything.

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