1st Anniversary of RW : Religion is the opium of the people – Karl Marx

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“1st Anniversary of Religion World”

Religion is the opium of the people – Karl Marx

I was first apprehensive about the working assignment with Religion World. Mainly because we were are all of the opinion that religion is all about faith and spirituality. Like Marx mentioned it was a path to take people on a high. With these in mind, I said let me give it a shot and try to say there is more to religion. To my surprise, the very first team interaction proved that we are not into promoting spirituality or particular practice of religion, Religion World was above all these. And the result is that today we are celebrating one year – 1st Anniversary.

Religion World has always been independent and apolitical voice of the common man to the religious heads and vice versa. Not everything about religion is about prayers and faith, there is more to it. Religion is a way of life, a practice which you are comfortable to deal with and a belief that it will lead you to better as well as enlightened life. With these principles, Religion World approached the world and thanks to our relentless effort to reach out to all sections, today Religion World is the most respected and appreciated digital platform.

Be it religious gurus or believer, everyone look up to Religion World to give the correct perspective, information and guidance on any topic that concerns the lifestyle and better living of people. Not restricting ourselves to certain segments, over the year Religion World has spread its wings and got the entire bouquet of religious affairs on to one platform.

I personally enjoyed working because Religion World opened my horizons and made me look at religion, as such in different glasses. This perspective has helped me to present different features from Masjids and Jain Temples in south India to Indian temples in abroad; from series on Haj to Churches of India. With dope of encouragement from all sections, Religion World is now gearing up for its Second Year… Let your encouragement flow in, as usual.





K Yashoda




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