Power of Intuition by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Power of Intuition by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Karma and its consequences are eternal and beyond comprehension. There are some actions whose consequences are immediate and there are some actions with a delayed outcome. If you stick your hand in a fire, you get burnt instantly. However, if you sow a mango seed or a coconut seed, it takes 4-6 years to grow into a fruit-bearing tree. Some karma can be resolved only by dealing with the consequences, whereas the outcome of some karma can be modified. For example, while preparing sooji (semolina) halva, the proportion of ingredients can be adjusted with respect to one another. However, once cooked, sooji cannot be reverted back to its uncooked state. That is why doing dhyana (meditation), Jaap(chanting), havan(sacrificial fire), Daan (charity) help change karma. Our Shastras (scriptures) recommend sharing a few grains of rice from our meal with birds and other creatures; having an attitude of gratefulness for all we have received in life also resolves karma.

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Do not criticize or condemn anyone. However, on the path of Self-knowledge forget about your sins and merits, and just relax and be happy. The more relaxed we are, the more spontaneously things get done. Shaastra is not a book, you yourself are Shaastra. So if we listen to our consciousness, our intuition, we will function in accord with nature. Everything will be okay. From intuition, from this consciousness of the Spirit, the knowledge of Vaastu, Ayurveda, Dance, music, art, science, have all emerged. All this will manifest when you meditate. Intuition means that which is ‘right’. This power is within everyone.

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