Moonsighting committees convened in UAE and Pakistan

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Sultan Bin Saeed Al Badi, Minister of Justice, has issued a resolution setting up a moon-sighting committee for Ramadan. The members will meet after Maghrib prayers on Tuesday at the Abu Dhabi Judiciary Department.

The committee, chaired by the Minister of Justice, comprises Mohammad Bin Hamad Al Badi, President of the UAE Federal Supreme Court, along with a number of officials. The resolution urged all Sharia courts in the country to participate in the moon sighting and inform the committee of any findings.

The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia has requested residents to sight the crescent moon on Tuesday and to report it to the nearest court.  The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Sunday urged all Muslims throughout the kingdom to spot the new moon by naked eyes or by binoculars on the 29th of Shaban 1439, which falls on May 15, 2018.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims observe fast marking it as a gesture to revere the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief.


The Zonal/Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committees will meet today at their respective offices for sighting the crescent of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak 1437 A.H. The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee will be chaired by Chairman Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman at Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) camp office in, Karachi. Other members of the committee will attend the meetings of zonal and district committees at their respective places on Monday.

The meeting of Zonal Ruet-e-Hilal Committees Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) would be held in the building of Ministry of Religious Affairs near General Post Office (GPO). According to Met office, crescent can be sighted in Karachi due to very clear weather.

Muslims across Pakistan will mark the first day of Ramzan on Tuesday as Masjid Qasim Ali of Peshawar did not hold its meeting on Saturday. All the evidence regarding the position of crescent could be conveyed to the chairman, central Ruet e Hilal Committee at Karachi and Phone numbers have been provided in the website.

Chairman Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman would announce the decision of crescent sighting or otherwise subsequently on the basis of information received after evaluating the evidences.

Meanwhile, Ramzan moon has been sighted in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Far East region after which 1st Ramazan 1437 Hijri would fall in the mentioned countries on Monday.

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