How to be more charged for Exams ?

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How to be more charged for Exams ?

Its that time of year again. The exam time for class 10th 12th Board. We bring you health tips to beat the stress and make the most of these last hour.

Eat Right:

Pressure mounting in each day the biggest blunder is neglecting food. Regular intake of food is essential for healthy mind. Avoid junk food. Eat plenty of green vegetables and dry fruits. Take heavier meals during day and light supper. Take fresh Fruits and Vegetable too.

Take Break:

Your Brain is going to reach a saturation point in two to three hours of study. To ensure your brain to absorb and process new information take breaks regularly.

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Take adequate Sleep:

Our brain is not a machine, Sleep deprivation can bring several health repercussion ,so for assimilating the information you gathered during the day a slumber of 7 hours, ensure that it happens smoothly.

Drink Plenty of Water & Fluids:

To avoid dehydration is most essential in these times of stress. To ensure your energy rate from dipping keep drinking water throughout your revision. Fluid aids mental alertness, concentration and prevent headache. Drink coconut water, Lassi, Buttermilk( Chaas) juice soups etc.

Walk in the evening:

A short walk in the evening is another way to take breaks between the study session. Your brain gets a break, Your eyes take some rest and your lungs get some fresh air.

Remember these exams are significant you must strive hard to score well but also to make most of this life’s journey. You have to stay healthy forever.So… EAT WELL, STUDY WELL, SCORE WELL. All The Best

  • By Dr. Tushar S. Saundankar, Ayurvedacharya, Shri Vishv Ayurvedic Clinic, Pune


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