Hajj : The Philosophy and Purpose

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Hajj: The Philosophy and Purpose

By. Dr Asad Raza

The Hajj is not only among the obligatory pilgrimage which all capable Muslims are required to perform once in lifetime. but also is the most complete form of worship which includes all other types worship as part of itself.

What is the purpose behind Hajj? What is the philosophy of Hajj? What are effects of performing Hajj on different aspects of life?

Spiritual journey and affinity with God are some of the advantages of Hajj. The light of God’s guidance illuminates susceptible hearts, making them detached from the earth and attached to God. By putting on Ihram, saying Labbayk, circumambulating the House, offering sacrifice, and doing other acts of worship, man’s heart goes through a spiritual stage.

Only does God know how many averted hearts have become fond of Him in this Sacred House and how many misled men have become pious and heavenly thanks to the blessings of this holy place.

…..The external feature of the Hajj rites represents a spiritual journey of a perfect man who has gone through different stages of servitude, detached from worldly ties and ornaments, and rescued from darkness and entered into the illuminated kingdom of God. Therefore, a true Hajj is an evolution in the soul. It is not a plaything or entertainment as some ignorant people think, for their performance is more like a game than worship.

Malik ibn Anas says:

One year, I accompanied Imam Sadiq (as) in the Hajj pilgrimage. Being on the back of his horse and in the state of Ihram, the Imam (as) was trying to utter ‘Labbayk’ (O’Lord I am at service’. but his voice stuck in his throat. He therefore rode off his horse.

I said:“O son of the Messenger of Allah! Say ‘Labbayk’, you have to say it.”

He (as) replied: “O son of Abi-Amir, how dare I say it? I fear that Allah will not answer me nor let 

The pilgrims to the House of Allah exhibit their liberation from material manifestations by wearing two pieces of clothes and in this way, show that except for Allah, they have no interest in anything even to their sons, family, and relatives. The only thing which preoccupies the minds of the pilgrims to the House of Allah is the saying of labbayk in one harmonious voice

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