Gou-Swarga : Thousands of Cows – In a kingdom of freedom

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Gou-Swarga : Thousands of Cows- In a kingdom of freedom

There isn’t anything as pleasant and peaceful as Gouswarga according to us. Come together, let us all be a part of its administration. It doesn’t do justice to explain it as a heaven on earth, let us create a place better than heaven – Gouswarga on Earth when we are alive. Let us make this place of existence beautiful heaven.
Param pujya Srimad Jagadhuru Shankaracharya SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharathi, SriMahaswamiji, SriRamachandrapura Matha

Gouswarga – A vision to palliate the suffering of cows

We heartily wished for a peaceful and blissful place on Earth for Cows away from suffering and pains of every kind. That was the exact moment of birth of our wishful dream-heaven on Earth:- Gouswarga!
Vision turns into Mission/Fulfilment of the dream.

“The wishful dream of Gouswarga had to be realised by us, it should be a reality in our own land; it should be realised without any haste”, these seas of feelings had us gearing up towards swift action.

Bhankuli-Heaven on Earth.

It was our own Bhankuli Matha which came into our mind. A natural picturesque beauty, lying amidst the green peaks of Sahyadri mountains this place is situated in Uttara Kannada near Siddhapura. Bhankuli is synonymous with lush greenery. It is an abode of the cooling breeze. Somewhere situated in between small hill ranges was a patch of large paddy field. A small pushkarini built by our ancestors. Sparkling and crystal clear water runs at the banks of this paddy field.

Bountiful water amidst lush paddy field- the existence of sarvadevata sealed!

We discovered the source of unending water supply in the midst of the paddy field. We even could feel the existence of our Aradhya sarvadevata at that place. The Supreme God of our Matha, SriSeetaRamachandra, Sri Chandramouleeshwara, SriRajarajeshwari, SriAnjaneya, our unbroken lineage of  ancestral guru-parampara including the supreme god of this place Itagi’s Sri Rameshwara, SriBhuvaneshwari of Bhuvanagiri- the seven highest spiritual podiums which enlighten the world were present in the soul form in the water to perform a highly auspicious duty.

This was where we decided to build Gouswarga. It did not take long for the decision from our heart to transform to our tongue and transmute to the land in form of construction. It is in this heaven on earth Bhankuli that world’s first and the only Gouswarga has come to life in lightning speed.

Saptasannidhi – Right in the mid of the lake, in the architectural mandap- there exists the divine presence of the seven devatas in the form of water

  1. SriSeetaRamachandra
  2. Sri Chandramouleeshwara
  3. SriRajarajeshwari,
  4. SriAnjaneya
  5. Our unbroken lineage of  ancestral guruparampara
  6. Itagi’s Sri Rameshwara,
  7. SriBhuvaneshwari
Goteertha– A hundred feet, spacious crystal clear Lake in the midst of Gouswarga.
Gopada – In the four directions surrounding the lake, eight Satsang stages are built for cow-related cultural programmes as a means of auditory entertainment to the cows and for various discussions regarding the cows.
Sopana Auditorium– A comfortable seating arrangement to view the programmes held at gopada and to enjoy the calmness of Gouswarga.
Pradaksina patha– Interested people can have the blessings of cow and the supreme lords by circumblating the go teertha and saptasannidhi.
Go virama – A spacious relaxing shed for the cows protecting from sun and rain.
Sadatrupthi –  A place of continuous supply of fodder for cows.
Sudhasalila – A stone tub filled with water placed at regular intervals for the cows to quench their thirst.Govihara – A highly spacious place bulit for the cows to enjoy the sunlight in peace and freedom.
Trupthigopura – A place where fodder is placed in govirama for the cows to enjoy their feed in relaxation.Prekshapatha – A huge lane built for the visitors to enjoy the sights of Gouswarga and to circumbulate it.
Teerrhapatha – An internal bylane separated into four paths to take the visitors from prekshapatha- to the saptasannidhi in the mid of lake amidst the cows.

In the yesteryears, SriRamadeva Bhankuli Matha was centre of attraction to devotees and disciples.

It is an amalgamation of SriShankara, Srigurudevstasannidhi and nature lovers.

Gograsa bhavana– the production and storage unit of fresh fodder required for the cows.

Soon to be constructed –

Rathapatha – The pathway for Goumata herself to sit on the chariot and ride on it in the form of Gourathotsava.

Gouganga – To the north of Gouswarga, a place for taking bath under a cow faced structure.

Gopalabhavana – To the north east of Gouswarga, a lodging place for gopalakas in remembrance of Gopalakrishna. Govardhanagiri is to the west of Gouswarga. A beautiful garden resembling nandanavana- Govardhana. At the top of govardhanagiri, lies veekshagopura,a spot which gives the panoramic view of the complete landscape-gouswarga. To the east of Gouswarga lies a beautiful flower garden by name nandanavana, under the cool shade of arecanut gardens. The fodder requirements of Gouswarga  equals to cutting down of fresh grass of about one acre per day. To meet this requirement, a major scheme of growing our own chemical free, organic fresh grass for the cows was born- Sugrasa.

Surabhisoukhya– A highly modernised, complete medical care unit for cows.

Havanabhavana– A place to conduct homa, japa, parayana, puja,vrata and other goupasana programmes.

Dhyanasthana– A special place to meditate and fulfill the aim of becoming one with divine.

Niramaya– Cow based Ayurvedic treatment unit .

Gougranthalaya– A library which houses thousands of cow related books in various languages .

Govasthu Sangrahalaya– A special museum for collection of different items related to cows.

Sabhangana– An auditorium built to conduct cultural programmes.

Mini theatre– An audio visual theatre to hold various cow related programmes.

Maligegalu– In the center floors, stalls are built to sell different daily requirements.

Ishavasyam– A lodging facility for people who do goseva and experience gosoukhya.

Gavyahara– A restaurant where various mouth watering food items made of cow based products are available.

Gouphala– A huge production unit of cow related products.

Gousamshodhanalaya– A modernised research laboratory for cow related reasearches.

Karunavarana– A home to old and physically disabled cows.

The internal departments would be Dhenushale, Nandishale, Vatsashale, Prateekshashaale, prasavashale and others.

Ramadeepa– Sannidhisthana of SriSamsthana.
Individualised and daily programmes held are- Gougangarathi, Swargasammana, Gourathotsava, Gouteppotsava, Goutulabhara and others.

Gouswarga – A total welfare center for Cows.

Why is Gouswarga a heaven to cows?

    1. The cows are not tied here. They have the freedom to move around in spacious, clean and beautiful surroundings.
    2. Sun and shade are their wishes. Sunlight streams70% of the area of Gounivasa while 30% is covered /shaded. There is no wall or separation anywhere. The cows can stay according to their want and wish.
    3. A continuous feed of fresh fodder as liked by the cows is always available for them to feed with total freedom whenever and how much ever they want.
    4. Crystal clear and pure natural water to drink is available all the time stored in huge storage buckets made of stones.
    5. Dhenushale provides an environment for the calf to remain with the mother cow at all times.
    6. Mother’s milk is available for the calf. At times when it is not sufficient, alternate methods are made available.
    7. Disease-free environment. Alternatively also has Gouchikitsalaya for the treatment of sick cows.
    8. An opportunity for a natural birth, natural life and natural death for cows.
    9. No artificial insemination.
    10. No hybrids or cross country breeds
    11. No artificial lifestyle.


SriRamadeva Bhankuli Matha,
Bedkani post,
Siddhapura taluk,
Uttarakannada Dist, 581329

Text & Photos : https://srisamsthana.org/

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