Dhanurmasam : Tiruppavai – Pasuram 11

 In Hinduism

In this Pasuram, a Gopi known for her extraordinary beauty (Golden creeper/Porrk Kodi) and distinguished lineage is being awakened. Her relatives are known well for the way in which they discharge the duties of the Aayar Kulam. Sri Bhuvarahacchar Swamy observes in this context. “These duties entail milking an endless number of cows. So Andal seems to be saying that performance of one’s duties as enjoined in the scripture (varnasram dharmam) will bring happiness to the Lord and thereby fall into the category of His service. One should hence never discard one’s duties”.

Jananyacchar describes this Utthamadhikari as belonging to a noble lineage ( Aabhijathyam) and as ” Oorukku-oru Penn Pillai”.

Tiruppavai Paintings/Illustrations Courtesy: Keshav’s KrishnaforToday. Religion World would like to acknowledge and thank the FB page of Mr Keshav for using them.

KaRRu kaRavai

kaRRuk kaRavaik kaNangaL pala kaRandhu *

ceRRaar thiRalazhiyac cenRu ceruc ceyyum *

kuRRam onRillaadha kOvalartham poRkodiyE *

puRRaravalkul punamayilE pOdharaay *

cuRRaththu thOzhimaar ellaarum vandhu * nin

muRRam pugundhu mugilvaNNan pEr paada *

siRRaadhE pEsaadhE celvap peNdaatti * nee

eRRukkuRangum poruL ElOr embaavaay.



Must read Significance of Dhanurmasam – A Month of Devotion



Oh Golden Creeper of a girl (the scion among the  maidens of this group)! You are a jewel among the Cowherds, who are:

(1) Master craftsmen in the milking of ever so many groups of young milch cows (at a stretch)

(2) Skillful in warfare, namely, very much able to go against and destroy their (strong)opponents and routing their strength and

(3) Thoroughly Blemishless! Oh Charming peacock-like (beautiful) damsel with the hips resembling the hood of a cobra! May You come (and join our fold).When we–Your kinswomen and friends –have come and entered the open front yard (without roof ) of Your house , and when we are singing (in chorus) the names of the Lord of dark cloud-like hue, what are you fast asleep for ,without even moving or giving any response, Oh rich and young girl ?


Word for Word meaning

kaRRu kaRavai   –   cows that are with calves (milk cows), or young cows

pala kaNangaL            many herds

kaRandhu          –       milked


ceRRaar           –       enemies’

thiRal              –     strength

azhiya              –     that wipes out, destroys

cenRu               –     by going

ceru ceyyum        –      doing battle


kuRRam               –     fault

onRu illaadha      –      without a single

kOvalar tham     –        of the cowherds

pon kodiyE       –        O you (who are like a) golden creeper!


puRRu             –       nest, a mound that is a resting place for a snake

aravu              –      snake (that is just coming out of the mound)

alkul                –    waist

puna mayilE          –    O you (who is like a) forest peacock!

pOdharaay           –     Come out!


cuRRaththu       –        relatives (near and dear)

thOzhimaar        –       girlfriends

ellaarum           –      all

vandhu            –       are here


nin                 –     your

muRRam            –       inner courtyard, living space of a house

pugundhu            –     have entered


mugil vaNNan       –      the One who is colored like a dark raincloud

pEr paada            –     singing (his divine) names


siRRaadhE         –       without stirring

pEsaadhE            –     without speaking

celvap peNdaatti   –      fortunate girl


nee               –       you

eRRukku             –     for what reason

uRangum poruL     –       your goal of sleeping


Listen Tiruppavai – Pasuram 11 by Chinna Jeeyar Swamy


Tiruppavai rendition Pasuram 11 by ML Vasantha Kumari


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