Burari Deaths Mystery : Why Mass Suicide by a family ?

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Burari Deaths Mystery : Why Mass Suicide by a family ?

A death with an outcome is a trade! Religion gives us many definitions and assurity for the afterlife experiences. The holy books have all, from heaven to hell that provides the luxuries of desires and harsh punishment for sins. The whole life of a devotee depends on the afterlife dreams, when s/he is religiously immersed with a narrative of karma and results. Its written in many scriptures that a place is secured in clouds when you do good deeds and also some punishment is drafted for the known and unknown sins. This is how we see our lives, this life to the other part of the mysterious world, where only our soul travels….

The mass deaths in Delhi’s Santnagar of Burari pose a question on our faith and beliefs systems. Its surely an act of delusion, if they committed suicide to receive salvation. The investigation is going on and the sources suggest that the whole family was on  a spiritual path and decide to do this grave act of leaving this world for a dreamy outcome. This is what we never understand that how religion and its teachings controlled our mind and action for a unimagined act of immorality.

Hindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation. We believe that there are many lives and by our past life actions, we are living this life. The metaphysical questions of our existence plays a big role to become more a believer than a questioner. The way we see our life mostly develops on the belief patterns we tend to follow. The patterns and environment was made by our culture, society and family that controlled our behaviours and attitudes. At a certain age we are little curious and intrigued to question those beliefs, but as we get older, we have many questions and less answers. So, the pure text, preachings, the faith systems, the role of supreme powers and sometimes gurus have a say in our life. This leads us to a certainty. The outcomes and the results of our daily actions.

The famous mass suicide of Jim Jones cult followers and ‘Heavens Gate’ phenomena was remembered for its sheer belief in a fallacy and turned out to be a spiritual disaster for the religious world. It was the first time when people were misguided and loose hope when the outer world tried to enter their world to bring them out. The walls of a belief system easily crumbles when rational interference knocks it and in perspiration the followers tend to do what they were preached. Death is somehow the most predictive thing in these type of situations.

Burari mysterious deaths are more to this mass suicide theory. Here the family was happy and they gathered to celebrate an engagement in the family on 17th June. So this a really a mystery that in two weeks what happens, that leads them to mass suicide, if this the case. Religion and Spirituality are two sides of the coin, one gives an assurance in every situation and others make people more strong to unknown realties. As religion is more prevalent and easy to access, people tend to follow the norms and rules to become more god driven. The fallacy comes when they sought answers, which is not directly related to the worship, the answers for their day to day life takes them to a corner, where occult, superstition and delusion grab them.


Bhavya Srivastava

Member, International Association of Religion Journalists

Former TV Journalist


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