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Astrological Prediction : Presidential Election 2020 in the USA

Presidential Election 2020 in the USA

  • Astrologer Pandit Rajeev Narain Sharma

Stars and Planets influence human life and in their constant movement and interplay at a particular point of time determine the shape of things to come about. This is true of both individuals and nations.

As a practitioner of Vedic Astrology, I have developed a comprehensive methodology to deliver successful predictions. Without trying to make any boastful claims and only with a view of setting the record straight, I may state that in the case of the 2016 US Presidential election, I had made a prediction on the Social media on 2.11.2016 : “Hillary may get very good votes but not the Crown’’. In regard to the coming US election I have already stated on my Facebook and Twitter Accounts on 27.9.2019 and 8.6.2020 that President Trump may not get the second term and that the stars favour Joe Biden.

US Election Astrological Analysis

Now, I present my analysis of the next election on the basis of which I predict- “President Trump will lose and Joe Biden will be the next President of the USA”.

The following is the astrological analysis of the case at hand on the basis of information available on the formation of the US as a country, the coming into being of the two respective political parties and the birth details of the two candidates :

USA Birth Chart

USA came into being as a nation on 4.7.1776 (Pennsylvania). The planetary position then showed that the birth of the nation was in Leo lagna with its lord Sun placed in the house of achievement11th house with the 3rd and 10th lord Venus, 4th and 9th lord Mars and 5th and 8th lord Jupiter.

This planetary combination has made the US the most influential and powerful country in the world. US has Aquarius Moon and it’s lord Saturn is in Virgo sign. It had birth nakshatra of dhanishta whose lord is Mars. Currently US is going through the mahadasha of Rahu, which is placed in 12th house with retrograde 2nd and 11th lord Mercury, Pratyantrar dasha is of Venus.

In Vedic astrology the 12th house signifies loss and change of position. On 23rd September 2020, Rahu has entered into the 10th house of USA. On the day of election 3.11.2020, the transiting Rahu and 12th lord Moon will be in 10th house.

The 10th lord will be debilitated and would be afflicted by retrograde Mars from 8th house (change, removal), Venus will be in the 8th house from Moon Sign. According to Vedic astrology, Moon signifies mind, psychology, opinion, and perception of people.

The afflicted Moon on that day indicates, that the most American voters would vote against the current President. The sentiment of distress and disappointment with his style of functioning will be dominant. Hence, the Country may see a new President.

Donald Trump Birth Chart

Donald Trump (14.6.1946, Jamaica NY) was born with Leo lagna with its lord Sun placed in the 10th house with Rahu in Taurus sign. He has Scorpio Moon and his birth nakshatra is Jyeshtha.

Currently, Mr. Trump is going through the Mahadasha of retrograde Jupiter placed in 2nd house, antardasa of Saturn which is placed in 12th house alongside 3rd and 10th lord Venus.

The pratyantar dasha of 9th lord Mars will be till 16.10.20 followed by Rahu dasha that will continue upto the first week of March 2021. On the day of election, the transiting Rahu will be over on the birth Rahu, Saturn will aspect natal Saturn and Venus, 12th lord Moon will be afflicted with Rahu in 10th house. Mahadasha lord Jupiter and Antardasha lord Saturn will be in 2/12 axis.

Lagna lord will be debilitated, and will be in 12th house of loss from Moon sign. Hence, planetary combinations indicate a set back causing mental distress to him. He is likely to lose the fight.

Joe Biden Birth Chart

Joe Biden (20.11.1942) was born with Scorpio Lagna with its lord Mars placed in 12th house with 8th and 11th lord Mercury. 7th and 12th lord Venus is placed with 10th lord Sun in lagna.

In the 7th house retrograde the Saturn is placed. His Moon Sign is Aries and birth nakshatra is Ashwani. Currently, he is going through the Mahadasha of retrograde exalted 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter, which is placed in 9th of his birth chart. Antardasha lord Rahu is placed in 10th house and pratyantar dasha lord is of Jupiter.

Election Day and Astro Positions

On the day of Election, the transiting Jupiter will aspect Rahu of birth chart and transiting Rahu will be in 7th house, 10th from its natal position and it will influence 3rd and 4th (CROWN) lord Saturn. His dasha lords are making connection with 9th(trine) and 10th(Kendra) houses, a RAJYOGA and in transit retrograde lagna lord Mars will also be in 5th(trine) house.

Thus planetary combination of his birth chart as well as the transit indicate that luck may favour him and he may be the clear winner in this election.

He would be proved a better President and will give a more efficient governance to the Country, and also he would be a successful President of US in the matters of World politics. According to his birth chart he should be a kind-hearted person.

Republican and Democratic Party

I have also analysed the formation charts of major political parties of the US, namely Republican party (22.2.1856) and Democratic party (8.1.1828).

Republican party was formed in Taurus lagna and Moon Sign, Virgo. They are going through the dashas of Jupiter, Mercury, which is placed in the10th house of ruling. On the day of election, Jupiter will be in the 8th house and Mercury, Sun will be in 6th house of their chart.

Democratic party was formed in Pisces lagna and Virgo moon sign. Currently, they are going through the dashas of Mercury, Mercury and pratyantar dasha of Saturn.

Mercury is placed in the 10th house with 6th lord Sun and 11th, 12th lord Saturn is in 4th of Crown. On the day of election, Saturn will be in their house of achievement (11th).

Hence, Astrologically the Democratic party has an advantage over the Republican party, they are likely to get substantial votes of Non resident Americans, including Asians, the Afro-Americans elderly and youth.

However, the Republican party may get good numbers in the elected representatives.

Astro Analysis : Pandit Rajeev Narain Sharma

(Indian Vedic Science Astrologer)





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