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Acharya Prathistha : Yog Guru, Classical Dance Exponent & Culture visionary

Acharya Prathistha Yog Guru

  • Acharya Prathistha Yoga Guru Birthday Special (1st December)
  • ‘From a small town of India to world’s largest culture centre’
  • Journey of a Yog Guru, Classical Dance Exponent , Culture visionary & An Administrator

It was a unique example of the power of art and culture that the President of a country was so moved after seeing a presentation of Acharya Prathistha Yog Guru is renowned Yoga Guru and Kathak dance exponent who presented Indian culture to the world, that he not only wrote the script of complete Dance Drama on ‘Gita Darshan’ but also got it staged in his presence.

Perhaps this was also the first time in history that outside India, in a country like Iceland, the Presidents of two countries united to witness Indian classical dance together in the presence of a large number of diplomats, and this cultural tie became the basis for the growing close relations between the two countries.

With President of Mauritius

Recently, Acharya Prathistha Yog Guru , who returned home after successful completion of her deputation as Director of India’s largest cultural center in the world situated at Mauritius High Commission of India, says that since the time of great diplomat Acharya Chanakya India has recognized the power of art and culture and used it successfully as an effective tool of soft diplomacy in enhancing relations with other countries. She said that after a long gap, both the reputation and fame of India in the world have increased due to the proper use of soft diplomacy by the present Government of India.

Acharya Prathistha

Born and brought up on December 1, 1983 in Saharanpur, rich in versatility, Acharya Pratishtha is a well-known Internationally acclaimed yoga guru, cultural expert, Kathak dance artist and guru, who has been  promoting and propagating yoga, classical dance and Indian culture since childhood in India as well as in many countries. Acharya Pratishtha ji, who has given more than 40 popular TV programs on leading National & International television channels on her subject on, is also an author with 5 books and an inspirational speaker.

Being the daughter of eminent yoga guru Padma Shri Swami Dr. Bharat Bhushan ji, Acharya Pratishtha got the legacy of yoga practice in her genes and with the unique combination of classical dance and music, she was guided by both Yogiraj and Nataraja forms of Lord Shiva. She has so far brought health and peace to the lives of millions of people through her yoga camps.

Acharya Pratishtha, has not only brought recognition to Uttar Pradesh but the entire country on a global level through yoga, classical dance & soft diplomacy, and the credit of bringing forth the combination of yoga and classical dance, two major heritage of Indian culture, also goes to Acharya Pratishtha. .

Acharya Prathistha

Apart from promoting yoga and classical disciplines in China, Japan, Taiwan, America, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iceland, Yemen, Qatar, Mauritius etc. privately and through Indian government, Acharya Pratishtha has written 5 books on her subjects and has produced more than 30 CDs and DVDs.

Acharya Pratishtha ji, who has done more than 30 classical dance compositions based on social issue and has been honored with many National and International honors. The Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu has honored her with “Tejaswini Samman” from Doordarshan, in which she has been considered among the hundred most influential women of the country.

Member of several committees of Government of India, Acharya Pratishtha is a skilled administrator who has served as the Director of the Mokshayatan Yog Sansthan , Principal of the Bharat College of Performing Arts and as the Director of World’s largest Culture Centre of Government of India ‘The Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture’. She is probably the first center director in whose honor the President of Mauritius hosted a lunch at state house.

Tejaswini Samman

She has received many national as well as international honors such as ‘Queen of Kathak Yoga’ by China, ‘Ayurveda Samman’ by Mauritius etc.

Acharya Pratishtha is invited from time to time to speak on yoga, classical dance and social topics at Doordarshan, Sansad Tv and almost all major channels.

In the field of yoga, she got the honor of being the youngest yoga guru, as well as the credit of reviving the story telling style and temple traditions of Kathak dance, which had taken the form of court dance also goes to Acharya Pratishtha.

With Shri Ramnath Kovind Ji

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, Acharya Pratishtha has served in many countries as the country’s cultural ambassador in the true sense. She believe that our art and culture, being India’s biggest soft power in the world, is a great tool that has the power to change the thinking of the world and to make world a better place.


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