Acharya Lokesh addresses International Business Council

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Acharya Lokesh addresses International Business Council

  • Indianisation required in the field of Education, Health, Economic development: Acharya Lokesh

 New Delhi: International Business Council organized a Seminar based on Health, Education and Economic Development at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi where a prominent thinker Jain Acharya Dr LokeshJi addressed the Seminar as Chief Guest. On this occasion, Acharya Lokesh said that health has been considered in Indian culture in a holistic way where physical health, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual health, has also been discussed, he said that Fitness India program could be useful in this direction.

Acharya Lokesh, while expressing his views on education, said that value-based education should be made a part of the syllabus and also said that doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc. are being created from the existing education system, but for the creation of a good human, balanced education with different aspects is required in the society wherein physical and intellectual education, as well as character and spiritual education, should be included.

Acharya Lokesh, while expressing his views on economic development, he said that economic development has been thoroughly considered in Indian Culture according to which material substantial development should be based on the foundation of spirituality, the problem at present is that society is only about Finance and Sex. While the balance of Finance, Sex, Religion and salvation can lead to overall development.

On this occasion, Acharya Lokesh honoured the distinguished talents who made significant contributions in the field of Education, Health and Social Service by awarding them with great honour. Further, CBI Forensic Director V.N. Sehgal, Major General T.C. Rao, Ex-MP Samar Pal Singh, Film Censor Board Ex Chairperson Mrs Prabha Kiran, Ex Councillor Mr Anil Mittar expressed their views on the occasion.

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