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3 Types of Knowledge : Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

3 Types of Knowledge: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The knowledge or information we get is of three types.

Type of knowledge

Through the Five Senses

You see and you get some knowledge, you listen and you get , you smell and you get information, through taste you get information, and through touch. The five senses bring you some knowledge. Most of our knowledge is gained by these five senses. Now this type one knowledge.

Through the Intellect

The second is through the intellect. The knowledge gained through intellect is superior to knowledge gained through the senses. Science is knowledge gained through the intellect. What you see with your eyes is that the sun is setting. But what you learn through science is that the sun doesn’t set, it is the earth which revolves. You have not seen earth revolving through any of the five senses, but through intellect, you understand that the earth is revolving and that it is revolving around the sun. This is the intellectual
knowledge through intellect, which is superior to the senses.

Through the Intuitive knowledge

Now, these two levels are much inferior to the third level of intuitive knowledge. Life begins when we tap into this level. For this, you have to let go of the knowledge of the senses and the intellect and relax. Letting go of concepts/all intellectual perceptions is the second step. Then silence begins and the knowledge from the third level dawns and it is called Ritambhara knowledge. It is from the spirit that comes from silence. It cannot be verified by the senses or the intellect. The very invention has happened from this area. All the knowledge in the cosmos is present there.

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