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Relate Your Heart to Your Business : Symposium Peace Pledge Project

Relate Your Heart to Your Business : Symposium Peace Pledge Project
India’s – Netherlands 70 Years in the International Peace Palace
September 13, 2017

Many international spiritual luminaries and political leaders took part in the Celebration of 70 Years diplomatic relationship between India and the Netherlands on Sep 13, 2017.

The event was sponsored by the Universal Sufi Council, led by Dr. Professor Johannes Witteveen, former managing director of the International Monetary Fund, along with Brigitte van Baren, director Inner Sense, Jonathan Granoff, President of Global Security Institute and Pir Shabda Kahn, Spiritual Director of the Sufi Ruhaniat International.

Among the honored presenters were Ambassador Venu Rajmony, Ambassador to the Netherlands from India, along with spiritual leaders from India, Pakistan, Greenland, Africa, Turkey, UK, Germany, Netherlands and the USA. Prime Minister Modi delivered a message through the Indian Ambassador supporting this Peace initiative.

The main theme was spreading the message of Loving Kindness and Compassion through the whole humanity expressed in the “ PEACE PLEDGE” (attached below), in addition to connecting the water experts of the Netherlands with the need for water purification in India.

Many inspired educators from around the world shared their initiatives on Peace through education at this event.

THE PEACE PLEDGE Project : Universal Sufi Council Initiative

The Journey if life is a Pilgrimage , Beautiful Qualities are a Compass

Following the Successfull completion of the Global Peace Project meeting held in Netherlands .

Where by , Interfaith leaders from across the world gathered to discuss sustainable development in the field of water resources and to promote sustainable Peace throughout the world .

The Chairman of the Chishty Foundation – Haji Syed Salman Chishty reaffirm the spirit to cultivate Humility , Peace by spreading Love – Kindness through Co-operation among people and its Nation .

He further added that the Peace Pledge Project by USC was to create a sustainable environment which would eliminate Poverty , Hunger and Wastage of Water .

The Leaders of Various Faiths and Nations Pledge to uphold the Goals to Fight Inequality , Poverty and Promote Sustainable Development.

During the Peace Pledge Summit main session held at International Peace Palace – The Hague – All Faith Leaders, Political Activist, Dutch Officials, Peace Keepers stood up and observed a minute of silence for the human catastrophe and extreme Human Rights violation in Myanmar towards its own ethnic minority’s at Rakhine state and its surroundings.

“Love towards All, Malice towards None”

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