Sadguru Brahmeshanadacharya honored with “Spiritual Ambassador of the year title “

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Sadguru Brahmeshanadacharya honored with “Spiritual Ambassador of the year title ” at Nepal

Tapobhumi, June 28: Peace and Unity are of utmost importance in social life and to attain this, safeguarding culture is very important. The man who lives a harmonious life fosters a pure line of thoughts.

Region, Religion, caste, faith, division might be dividing the society but we should unite on grounds of Humanity. Happiness, Peace, joy, satisfaction can be achieved only with the divine act of Unity. The prime significance of our culture lies in the essence of truth, chastity, competence, purity,  pure emotions, self-respect it preaches us. These cultural values weave us in a fabric of unity. That’s why we need to preserve our culture. Only a cultured civilization can cherish Peace and Unity. ” said Sadguru Brahmeshanadacharya Swamiji while addressing Global Literacy, Arts, Peace, Entertainment and Business Forum 2019 organized by Bharat Nirmaan Foundation (India) at Kathmandu Nepal.

Global Forum in Nepal acknowledges Sadguru Brahmeshanadacharya’s revolutionary social welfare contributions and humanitarian services to the community.


Sadguruji was invited as a keynote speaker to address on the topic of “Global Peace, Unity and harmony”.

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The spectacular rise of divine contributions in uplifting the society by Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth at national and international level and the continuous revolutionary divine work undertaken by Sadguru Brahmeshanadacharya was duly acknowledged and recognized by Bharat Nirman foundation and title of ” Spiritual Ambassador of the year” was awarded to Sadguru Ji.  The conference was held at Russian cultural center Kathmandu Nepal. Adv Brahmi Devi-Secretary International Sadguru Foundation-India, Dr. Vishwas Khulkar, Kishore Pradhan, Bhimal Kediya,  Dr. Manu Bohra, Ravindra Bhandari were amongst the other eminent dignitaries present for the conference.

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