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Rajnikanth, Indian popular film star is not just known for his varied roles but also for his personal lifestyle and his spiritual leanings. The man who is known to sport no hues and make-up in real life, sports a saintly look. His simplicity is what makes him a great personality to reckon.

The actor who has turned into politician is been talking about promoting spiritual politics in the country and his political party would be catering to this section and will forge friendship with only who are inclined towards spiritual politics.

Every year, the Tamil superstar conducts a pilgrimage to foothills of Himalayas, where he meditates in silence and secrecy. Superstar Rajinikanth is known to take off on spiritual sojourns every now and then. He is news again now for this latest spiritual journey into Himalayas. Though media tried to understand and follow, he very diplomatically asked to be left alone.

Tamil superstar Rajnikanth on Saturday paid obeisance at Shiv Khori  on his annual spiritual pilgrimage. He arrived at Palampur Saturday afternoon to meet his spiritual Guru Yogiraj Amar Jyoti Ji Maharaj in order to rejuvenate and charge himself, besides seeking his blessings and learning the methods to meditate.

Before announcing his entry into politics, Rajni had said that his political outfit will work for weeding out corruption from politics and he will be professing a spiritual politics. Before naming his political outfit, Rajnikanth decided to go on a pilgrimage.

Rajnikanth’s Guru

About a year ago, the actor told a public meeting how he came to know of Babaji. He had known about the Autobiography of a Yogi since 1978, when he first saw it in an airport bookshop. “Something drew me to it,” Rajinikanth said. He bought the book but did not get to read it for decades. This, he said, was because his English was poor.

After the success of his 1999 film Padaiyappa, Rajnikanth claimed, he wanted to retire from cinema. He spoke to Satchidananda Saraswati, a yoga guru in the US, who changed his mind. He then went to Saraswati’s ashram for a “spiritual retreat”, and there he finally read the book.

Deeply touched, he decided to portray Babaji on screen to introduce him to a wider audience. Later, while reading the book in his apartment in Bengaluru, Rajnikanth claimed, a “light spark” emanated from Babaji’s picture in it. He apparently felt as though someone was instructing him to lie down in a particular position. He did and the “light spark” went inside him. The next evening, he claimed, he imagined the script for the movie Baba as though someone was explaining every scene to him.

In Baba, which flopped so badly that distributors demanded compensation from the actor for their huge loses, Rajnikanth gets to meet Babaji in the Himalayas. The figure of Babaji seems to have roots in Tamil Nadu. The legend has it that he was born in Parangipettai in Cuddalore. Bhaskaran said there still exists a house in Parangipettai which is claimed to be Babaji’s.

According to the story visitors to the house are told, Babaji, named Nagarajan by his parents, was kidnapped during a temple festival when he was less than seven years old and sold as a slave in Kolkata. He was released by his master a few years later and joined a group of sanyasis.

Rajni on his Guru

Below is the rough translation of Rajini’s speech on his Spiritual Guru, taken from Sivaram’s blog:

I know the power of my  Babaji my Guru and at the same time I do not want to force you to accept my guru or my God. Your god is also powerful be it Jesus or Allah or Vinayaka,Muruga,Krishna  or Devi.  They are powerful to the extent you have faith in God .It depends also on the extent to which you surrender yourself. I surrender  everything to god. God is there .Good people will prosper but it will take a little longer. You had to face challenges first  and then only you can achieve in life. He quotes a story of Dayanand Saraswathi

Grandfather is telling this to grandson.I had a good education and your grandmother came from good family.Your father was also good person and studied well….If the story goes like this  even the child will lose interest. There is no life if it is only happiness .Life has to have sorrow otherwise it is not life. You don’t have to seek that, but  don’t get disheartened when you get sorrow.

I had grey hair at a young age of 20.I started applying all types of dyes and it resulted in my becoming bald sooner. I realized in the end after 90% hair is gone , that my hair is not suited for dyes but it was little too late .I was fascinated with growing beard as I had a belief that it will give some power .Soon my face also became dark!

People ask me why I should go to Himalayas? What is the use of all this meditation? Why Rajini cannot pray in home itself? If you go to kitchen you will think about food,bedroom about sleep Only when you go to puja room you will feel like meditating. Himalayas is bigger picture where you would like to do prayers.

What is the use of the prayers and what power you get? 

Here is a story. A king was there and his minister who is his best friend who is tired of all materialistic life. He tells the king that he wants to leave him and become a saint.The king says go ahead and this minister leaves him and comes back after a few years and stays in a hut. The King goes and meets him and ask him what did he gain by becoming a saint .The minister tells him “All these years you were sitting and I was standing in front of you .Today I am sitting and you are standing in front of me.That is the power I gained!” So do meditation for inner peace.

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