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Don’t loose your Breath ! Practice Yog & increase your Oxygen level

Practice Yog & increase your oxygen level

  • Acharya Prathistha, Yoga Master 

Oxygen is life and at this crucial time of pandemic it’s very important to practice those yogic practices which helps in increasing the oxygen levels of an individual instantly.

Though Yog is a life long practice with amazing results in leading a better life in all aspects but its results can be seen and felt instantly. Hence here in this article we are sharing 4 simple steps to increase the oxygen levels instantly.

These 4 practices shall be done in same order as given.

Pranav Uccharan

Pranav Uccharan

Stress is one of the major causes of shortness of breath, hence it is very important to calm yourself and to stop any kind of Panic.

Chanting of ‘Om’ is a wonderful yogic kriya to treat almost all physical and mental problems and to instantly raise the oxygen levels in body.

Each and every individual can practice and get benefitted by it.


* Sit in padmasana, or sukhasana with calm mind. In case of knee pain can be done while sitting on chair.

* Spine must be straight.


* Inhale deeply and gently.

* Chant ‘a’ (अ ) for few seconds followed by ‘o’ (ओ ) and finally ‘m’ (म) (humming) : all three in one exhalation concentrating on its effect at abdomen – chest – skull simultaneously.

* Keep chanting until exhaled completely.

* Make sure sound of  ‘a’ (अ ) should be smallest in time duration, ‘o’ (ओ ) must be a bit longer and ‘m’ (म) (humming) must be longest.

* This is one round. Practice it thrice.


It is a wonderful practice to stimulate digestion, it relieves sciatic pain by relaxing the nerves in the leg, and eases tension in the perineum. It is a wonderful practice to increase the oxygen levels.

Preparation :

Lie on the stomach.

Procedure :

* Let the left hand relax straight with body.

* Fold right hand comfortably in such a way that elbow remains near the chest and palm near the face.

* Bend your right leg and bring the right knee towards your chest. The left leg is straight, relaxed.

* Turn the neck towards right side and relax.

* Relax in this posture and switch to the other side after some time.

Bhujang asana / Sarpasana

Bhujang asana / Sarpasana

Bhungasana popularly known as sarpasana is the third step to instantly raise the oxygen level as it gives expansion to chest.

It pressurizes the air within the lungs and helps to open out inactive alveoli. It improves the release of carbon dioxide and intake of oxygen thus purifies the lungs & blood.


* Lie down on stomach.

* Spread the arms to front side.


Stretch the legs to back side keeping toes together like the tale of snake.

Bring the palms and elbows close to ribs so that palms rest under the shoulder.

Bring the forehead on floor, hold your eyes closed and face absolutely calm.

Inhale while lifting up the face like a snake. Ensure no wrinkles at all on forehead and bear a cheer on face.

Hold the position for comfortable duration.

Come down to floor gently, exhale, relax and breathe normally. You may rest your arms like a pillow under your face to relax better.

Repeat three times at same sequence.


Hernia, intestinal tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism and peptic ulcer patients should not practice this asana without the expert guidance.



After practicing all above practices. This last practice has to be practiced. Practitioner will be able to witness the deeper level of oxygen by the time one reaches this position.

Preparation :

Lie down on stomach

Procedure :

  • Make pillow of your arms.
  • Rest your head on your arms.
  • Keep your legs loose and entire body relaxed.
  • Practice deep breathing in this position.

Above four practices, practiced in same protocol will increase the oxygen intake of the practitioner.

Keep practicing Yog & stay healthy.

Results are better if below protocol is also followed during evening time after the practice of above yogic schedule and just before the bed as it clears the track for better intake of oxygen and helps in removal of any blockage / cough :

  1. Gargle

Take warm water and add half table spoon salt in it. Gargle with this water.

  1. Steam

After gargle it is suggested to take mild steam with carom seeds water. (Harsh and excess of steam is not recommended)

  1. Nasya

Just after steam pour one drop of pure cow ghee in each nostril.

Other than all above. It is highly recommended to practice Bharat Yoga meditation regularly to stay positive and hopeful and to add below foods to your diet apart from having satwik and light food as acidity and gastric plays an important role in poor breathing:

  1. Fresh Fruits
  2. Fresh fruit juices (Not preserved neither cold)
  3. Vitamin C rich fruits
  4. Easy to digest diet
  5. Nutritious diet
  6. Stay hydrated and keep drinking warm water
  7. Kaada with giloy, ginger, tulsi and lemon (optional) once a day.

Don’t forget to stay at peace and to have gratitude for your breath and life.

Author is an ex-diplomat & an internationally acclaimed Yog Guru, Director of Mokshayatan Yog Sansthan and is a member of key yog committees of Government of India. She is the author of 5 books, creator of 20 Cds & Dvds and presenter of 36 television shows on Yog.


Source : Bharat Yoga (Mokshayatan International Yogashram)

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