JAINA: America’s Jains Umbrella for Jain Religion and Values

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JAINA: America’s Jains Umbrella for Jain Religion and Values

JAINA is the Federation of Jain Associations in North America, an umbrella association that jam and offers Jain Dharma and the Jain Way of Life.

There are more than 68 associations under the JAINA umbrella. Every association, in light of their enrollment size delegates 1, 2, or 3 Directors. There are 110 JAINA Directors who choose the JAINA Executive Committee like clockwork. Likewise, there are more than 30 specific working gatherings called JAINA Committees.


 JAINA was set up in 1981 with the endowments of Acharya Sushil Kumarji and Gurudev Chitrabhanuji. JAINA has developed from its underlying participation of four Jain focuses on sixty-seven focuses at present, speaking to more than 150,000 Jains. JAINA is the main association speaking to all the Jains in North America independent of their dialects, areas, and customs. It has given a gathering to cultivate companionship and solidarity among all Jains of North America.


1. To advance religious and instructive exercises identified with Jainism and to grow better comprehension of the Jain religion.

2. To help existing Jain affiliations and advance the development of new Jain relationship all through North America.

3. To give an advance scholastic and social trades and participation among Jains in North America, India and different nations around the world.

4. To help and advance magnanimous and compassionate network benefits in North America, India and all through the world.

5. To advance vegetarianism and peacefulness.

6. To aid the foundation of Jain Temples, Sthanaks, Pathshalas and different offices for carrying on Jain exercises.

7. To set up contact with legislative and different organizations in the compatibility of the above goals.


There are more than 70 associations under the JAINA umbrella. Every association, in view of their participation size delegates 1, 2, or 3 Directors. There are 110 JAINA Directors who choose the JAINA Executive Committee at regular intervals. Likewise, there are more than 35 particular working gatherings called JAINA Committees.


At regular intervals, JAINA and a nearby Sangh have a biennial JAINA show with more than 4000 visitors from the country over as well as over the world. This year JAINA will have its twentieth biennial show in Ontario, California, only outside of Los Angeles. The subject for this show is Jain Religion in the 21st Century. We trust that every participant will almost certainly utilize Jain standards in the present unstable society to advance estimations of ahimsa, anekantavada, and aparigraha so as to have a positive effect on their networks. Notwithstanding sessions on Jain Philosophy and Jain Virtues, we will offer sessions on Devotion, Compassion, Transformation of Our Lives, Current Events in Jain Communities and Current World Challenges and the Role of Jainism to make balanced encounters for our participants. We will likewise be fusing comparative subjects to the programming for our childhood.

Theme Of JAINA Convention

Five components – Seva, Satsangh, Samarpan, Sadhana, and Self-Realization – delineated in the show logo speak to the means in a way of movement of a profound voyage towards accomplishing moksha, the last freedom.

Seva implies sacrificial administration performed to help other people with no desire for a reward or an individual increase. This is the first and a simple advance of our otherworldly adventure. Performing Seva decreases one’s personality by needing to help other people and is profoundly inspiring. Seva is a result of an uplifting frame of mind and a confirmed responsibility – Yes, this is conceivable; Yes, I can help; and Yes, I will do this.

Satsang is comprised of two words – Sat (truth) + Sang (affiliation). It characterizes an action of a social affair of similarly invested individuals that includes tuning in to a Pravachan or perusing sacred texts, considering, talking about and acclimatizing their significance with the direction of a Sadguru, the profound ace. Satsang signifies “to be in the organization of genuine or upright individuals”, and to remain related with the internal nature of sat or virtue or soul. Satsang is a profoundly elevating movement that creates incredible, purging, moving and cleansing idea vibrations.

Samarpan is the inward change or commitment realized by the educating and direction of the Guru. Such lessons fortify our confidence and faith in the Guru, sacred writings (Bhagavan ni Vani), and Dharma. A firm determination to give up the sense of self and to act and carry on according to the Guru’s direction (aagna) is Samarpan. The customs – Prayers, Darshan, Bhakti and Puja – performed with full confidence and comprehension, help to express and fortify our commitment to Bhagwan and lift our otherworldly experience.


Sadhana is a taught and centered routine with regards to learning and performing by a sadhak who means to get cleaned and gain ground towards Self-Realization or Samyak Darshan. Remotely engaged Sadhana exercises – Darshan, Puja, and Bhakti – are performed to express our dedication to Bhagavan. Otherworldly exercises – Samayik, Pratikraman, and Dhyan – help to concentrate on oneself and are drilled to accomplish control over the personality.


Self-Realization or Samyak Darshan means stripping without end the layers of the sense of self to comprehend the genuine self and consequently the genuine idea of the real world. Self-Realization explains the central inquiry, “Who am I?” The appropriate response lies in the understanding that you are not the body, psyche, contemplations, and feelings. These are everything you experience as a ‘self’ or ‘soul’, yet they are not you. Self-Realization stirs us to acknowledge what we as of now are – the tranquil, incredible, everlasting soul. Samyak Darshan with Samyak Gyän (Right Knowledge) and Samyak Chäritra (Right Conduct) drives us to definite freedom.

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