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‘ISJS’ to promote scholarship in Jain scriptural languages (Prakrit) and studies

‘ISJS’ to promote scholarship in Jain scriptural languages (Prakrit) and studies

  • A pioneering initiative by International School for Jain Studies ‘ISJS’ to promote scholarship in Jain scriptural languages (Prakrit) and studies

After successfully building a cadre of Jain studies scholars in North America and Europe, ISJS has taken another major step of educating and building a cadre in Prakrit, language of Jain scriptures and holy literature. ISJS has now awarded Bhagwan Mahavir fellowship for one year to the three scholars of Languages from USA and UK to come to ISJS affiliates in Chennai, Delhi and Jaipur to study Prakrit language. The fellowship starts around August 16th 2019 and will last till August 14th 2020. Particulars of the three selected scholars are:

1. Mr. Itmar Ramot: PhD candidate in the Department off South Asian Languages and Civilization at University of Chicago, USA. He had been Summa cum Laude from undergraduate studies to-date and a recipient of several awards and scholarships since then. He teaches Hindi and Sanskrit to undergraduate students at the university.

2. Ms. Corinne Smith: MA (Religions of Africa and Asia Merit) from SOAS University of London 2015. BA studies at SOAS involved Jainism, Prakrit, and other Indian religions. Recipient of many scholarships since undergraduate level. Presently teaching English as a foreign language to school students overseas. She intends to pursue her research interests in Indian religions from historical perspective.

3. Mr. Anando Ghosh: MA (South Asian Studies) SOAS University of London. 2018. Felix Scholar and recipient of similar scholarships and grants for a number of studies in Indian religions, yoga and Sanskrit etc. He intends to enroll for PhD program in evolution of new Indo-Aryan languages from the Middle Indo-Aryan languages (Prakrit and Apbhransh).

Each one-year fellowship provides one return airfare, expenses for boarding, lodging, academic tuition and some incidental expenses of the candidate in India to complete their studies during the tenure of fellowship.

The first two fellowships are offered by Mahavir Vision Inc. USA while the third fellowship is offered by Shri Firodia Trust, Pune. Both institutions are ISJS collaborators. The offered scholarship aims to meet the living expenses.

ISJS thanks the sponsors and looks forward to their continued support and the successful launch of this type of fellowship to build the desired cadre.

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