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Isha brings Yoga Online for Tamilnadu prisoners

Isha brings Yoga online for Tamilnadu prisoners

Coimbatore: On the request of Tamil Nadu Prisons Department, Isha Yoga Center is conducting online Yoga sessions for inmates at all Central Prisons in Chennai, Vellore, Cuadallore, Trichy, Salem and Palayankottai. Isha teachers trained by Sadhguru are delivering the online modules in Tamil to participants.

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The request was made by the state government’s Prisons Department to improve physical and mental health of inmates.The online sessions commenced on 28 July and include Yoga Namaskar, Simha Kriya and Isha Kriya. Simha Kriya is a 3-minute yogic practice designed by Sadhguru and offered to the world as a tool to enhance one’s immune system and strengthen the respiratory system by improving lung capacity.

Several practitioners of Simha Kriya around the world including doctors have testified to the efficacy of the practice.Thousands of prisoners across Tamil Nadu are benefiting from the online sessions. Isha has been conducting Yoga sessions in Tamil Nadu prisons for almost 20 years.




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