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Dhanurmasam : Tiruppavai – Pasuram 1

Tiruppavai is replete with priceless gems of philosophical tenets. It is in fact considered as the seed for knowledge about the Vedas (vedam anaittukkum vitthu). Therefore, it is customary to enjoy the meanings of Tiruppavai verses during the day in the month of Dhanurmasam. So we the Religion World will bring you the day’s Pasuram with English Text and its meaning. In all, the month of Margazhi is dedicated to Andal and Krishna and their experiences only.

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On each day of maargazhi, one verse from Andal’s divine poem, the Tiruppavai. is savored. Today’s verse, “maargazhith thingaL”, is the first one of the work.  What I have presented is the surface meaning. Each verse can actually be understood in many poetic and profoundly philosophical ways.

Tiruppavai Paintings/Illustrations Courtesy: Kesav’s KrishnaforToday. Religion World would like to acknowledge and thank the FB page of Mr Keshav for using them. On this divine month of Margashira, Saint Andal exhorts the gopikas to arise and focus their minds on Krishna. #Tiruppavai01 #watercolour #KrishnaforToday

Maargazhi ThingaL

maargazhith thingaL madhi niRaindha nannaaLaal *

neeraadap pOdhuveer pOdhuminO nErizhaiyeer *

seer malgum aayppaadic celvac ciRumeergaaL *

koorvER kodunthozhilan nandhagOpan kumaran *

Eraarndha kaNNi yasOdhai iLaNYsingam *

kaar mEnic cengaN kadhir madhiyam pOl mugaththaan *

naaraayaNanE namakkE paRai tharuvaan *

paarOr pugazhap padindhElOr embaavaay.


The full moon day of Margazhi is here

What an auspicious day it is!

O dear ornamented girls

who thrive in Brindavana,

overflowing with prosperity

Come along, let us go bathe,

Come along if you so desire.

Narayana —

The son of Nandagopa,

whose sharp spear is readily so cruel —

The young lion of Yashoda,

whose eyes are so full of love —

With dark body

red eyes

face like the sun and moon

Narayana    alone

will give   us

The drum!

So join us, so that the people

Of the world will celebrate.

Word for Word meaning

maargazhi thingaL       the month of maargazhi (december-january)

madhi niRaindha          full moon

nal naaL                       auspicious day

neeraada                     to bathe

pOdhuveer                  those of you who desire to go

pOdhumino                let us go

nEr izhaiyeer              you who are adorned with jewels

seer                            wealth, glory

malgum                      full of

aaypaadi                   Brindavana

celva                         prosperous

ciRumeergaaL          O young girls

koor vEl                     sharp spear

kodun thozhilan         cruel deed (to those who harm Krishna)

nandagOpan              Nandagopala, Krishna’s father and chief of the cowherds

kumaran                     son

Eraarndha kaNNi        eyes full of beauty

yasOdhai                    Yashoda, Krishna’s mother

iLam singam               lion cub

kaar mEni                   with a body that is dark

cen kaN                      red eyes

kadhir                         sun

madhiyam                 moon

pOl                            like

mugaththaan             with a face

naaraayaNanE           Narayana himself, Narayana alone

namakkE                  to us, indeed

paRai                       the drum

tharuvaan                will give

paarOr                   (so that) the people of the world

pugazha                  will celebrate, praise

padindhu                 follow, get involved (in our ‘nOnbu’ or vow)

Margazhi Thingal | மார்கழி திங்கள் | Meera Krishna


Courtesy : Sruthilaya


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