Art of Living’s Vastu Conference : Discussions on Contemporary Applications

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The Art of Living’s Vastu Conference Witnesses Stalwart Vastu Experts Come Together To Discuss Contemporary Applications

19 August 2019, Bengaluru: The Art of Living’s Vaidic Dharma Sansthan, a body for the preservation of cultural heritage and Vedic wisdom, hosted a high-level Vastu Conference at the organization’s picturesque Vishalakshi Mantap in the presence of world’s top Vastu Experts. The speakers and participants at the conference deliberated upon the contemporary applications of Vastu principles that are believed to have a significant bearing on various aspects of human life.

At the conference were present world’s leading Vastu pandits including Sri K. N. Somayaji, the country’s leading expert in Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra, Vedang Jyotish, Pt. Sanjay Rath. The other esteemed speakers were Sri Bangalore Niranjan Babu, Dr. N H Sahasrabuddhe, Smt. Sashikala Ananth, Smt. Sudha Pai, among others.

While his inaugural speech with participants via webcast, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living founder said, “There are a lot of misconceptions about Vastu. We need to correct these misconceptions. It is a great science that is also one of the Upavedas.”

Gurudev also spoke about the need to harness intuition. “All this ancient knowledge that has been lost over time due to lack of maintenance and decay, is available in the human consciousness. It is structured into our consciousness. This can be accessed by tapping into our intuitive abilities.”

This Global Conference on Vastu Shastra also focused on the Vedic perspective and helped in unraveling the science of Vedic architecture.

Sri K N Somayaji said that Vastu Shastra has an ancient history but in recent days, unfortunately, a lot of impurities had come into it and it needed to be revived. He pointed out that actually Vastu Shastra is based on the gravity of Earth, it differs from person to person and place to place. “Positioning of part of houses alone is not Vaastu. There are actually 10 directions and 120 points of gravity in Vastu Shastra.” Somayaji gave an example of how minor changes in the outlay of roads near Bangalore Mysore Highway had been able to reduce the number of unexplained casualties, owing to the right application of the Vastu knowledge. 

“Vastu is based on the vibration of a place. I request all young scholars and architects to make this ancient science relevant today. And educate people about what is true Vastu,” Somayaji said.

Yet another, prolific Vastu expert, Sri Sanjay Rath seconded that many texts on Vastu had been lost and the conference was meant to explore other avenues to reconstruct our ancient Vastu Sastras. “Various methods to bring together Vastu and Jyotisha Shastra started with a method called Astakavarga (based on the planetary directions of 8 planets). It is a binary system using zero called Bindu and one called RekhaJyotisha and Vastu must harmonize for best result,” Rath said.

The conference spread over four sessions held special keynote addresses on themes such as Vastu and Spirituality, Global Vastu, Vastu for Everyone, Remedial Vastu and Business. Within the umbrella of these topics, various facets of Vastu science including Vastu for prosperity at home and relationships, Vastu for office, global, geography-specific Vastu and Vastu for temples were also discussed.

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