Acharya Lokesh made history by addressing three sessions in Parliament of World Religions, Toronto

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Acharya Lokesh made history by addressing three sessions in Parliament of World Religions, Toronto

  • Jain Paryushan Parv talks were held by Acharya Lokesh at Parliament of World Religions
  • Many Global Problems can be solved by adopting Jain Philosophy – Acharya Lokesh

Ambassador of Peace Jain Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni made history by addressing three sessions at Parliament of World’s Religion (POWR) organized at Toronto city of Canada. Acharya Lokesh on one hand discussed Jain Festival Paryushan Parv on international platform he also talked about how by adopting Jain philosophy many global problems can be solved. Acharya Lokesh delivered speech on ‘Peace & Love, Not War, Hate & Violence’, ‘Global Warming and Depleting Natural Resources’, ‘Paryushan Parv : The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity & Healing our Mother Earth’. Swami Bhrameshwaranand Ji, Bhai Saheb Mohinder Singh Ji, BK Binni Saren Ji, Sadhvi Shilpi Ji, Bhattarak Charukirtiji, Dr Hema Pokharna told how this festival will uplift humanity. They said it is a matter of honour for India that by discussing these issues Acharya Lokesh will bring pride to Indian culture and Jainism.

Acharya Lokesh talking about ‘Peace & Love, Not War, Hate & Violence’ said that Jain philosophy of Non-Violence, Peace and Harmony is more contemporary for humanity when people are faced with many problems like violence, global warming, income inequality and many more. Jainism based on Bhagwan Mahavir Philosophy is recognized by science also. Following lifestyle shown by Jainism we can build healthy, prosperous and happy society. . Peace is necessary for development; interfaith dialogue can establish world peace.

Acharya Lokesh talking about ‘‘Global Warming and Depleting Natural Resources’ said Jainism is one of the most environmentally conscious religions in the world. Mahavira’s doctrine of Shatjivanikay talks about how to protect nature and natural resources.  Jain Agams depicts nature in a unique way as it says that five elements of nature Prithvi (land, soil, stones etc), Jal (water resources including cloud), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Aakash (Sky) are living creatures and must be treated as living beings. These five types of elements go on to form five classes of beings such as vegetation, trees and plants, fungi and animals. This unique concept of Jainism restricts its followers to harm any creature and eventually leads to limited consumption as well as help in protecting environment.

Acharya Lokesh discussing Paryshan Parv said that Paryushan Mahaparv is a unique festival of spiritual development and upliftment of human values. The celebration of this festival the purpose of the spiritual development, upliftment of human values ​​and environmental protection can easily be achieved. With the celebration of this Jain festivals Paryushan/ Daslakshan Mahaparv, millions of people in the country and abroad impart their souls through various experiments of forgiveness, friendship, compassion, nonviolence, peace, harmony, which naturally destroys the negative thinking within the person,  positive thinking, constructive contemplation is created. When positive thinking arises, the feeling of anger, egoism, greed and delusion (difference between saying and doing) within the person is destroyed, thus the person’s soul becomes intuitive, simple, pure and calm; this is the base for the incarnation of Spirituality. When the manifestation of spirituality within a person is raised, the distinction between the self and others ends; the person rises above selfishness and contemplates the altruistic and the divine.

Talking about forgiveness Acharya Lokesh said that the last day of the Paryushan Parv ends with Samvatsari or Forgiveness Day. On this day, the followers ask for forgiveness from others for the mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly by them during previous year. Forgiveness gives mental peace, happiness to the mind, friendships with the creatures; purification of the soul, fearlessness of personality comes. We forgive those who have done wrong with us and ask forgiveness from those whom we have done wrong. Forgiveness is requested not only from humans, but from all living beings. Forgiving and asking for forgiveness is such a life cycle that teaches us to live in harmony with all creatures. It paves the way for good deeds.

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