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2nd Karnakata Veda Vidwat Sammelan 2021 at Art of Living International Center

  • 100 Senior Vedic Acharyas and Scholars Convene At 2nd Karnakata Veda Vidwat Sammelan 2021 at Art of Living International Center

Bangalore: Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth Trust under the aegis of the Art of Living in Collaboration with Maharshi Sandipani Veda Vidya Pratishthan, Ujjain under Ministry of Education of Govt of India has organised the second Karnataka Veda Vidwat Sammelan 2021 from 27th to 29th March 2021.

Vedic Acharyas

Inaugurated today with complete Covid protocol today at the Art of Living international center the conclave witnessed scholarly discussion on Vedas and Shashtras – ways to preserve the oral tradition of rare branches of vedas by vedic scholars from existing 9 branches of Vedas. Chaturveda Prayanam, the oral recitation of Vedic mantras from all different four Vedas and various branches also began as a part of the sammelan.

Vedic Acharyas

Throwing light on the Parayanam, principal of the Art of Living’s Veda Pathshala, Shri Vishwajeet Chinamani Gokarna Ghanapathi said, “Vedas encompass all the science and knowledge. The power of chants take away calamities, violence or other negatives influences and create harmony and friendliness in everyone’s hearts.” He added, “This initiative of parayanam is to ensure that the oral vedic tradition is not lost. Also, the vibrations of the chants will help increase prosperity and bring peace in the society.”

Vedic Acharyas

Highlighting the importance of the sammelan, principal of the Maharishi Sandipani Veda Vidya Pratishthan, Shri Sandipani ji said, “It is important to preserve the oral tradition of Vedas. During the ancient Vedic Era there were aprox 1130 shakhas , Rigveda had 21 shakhas , Yajurveda had more than 100 shakhas, Saamaveda had 1000 shakhas and Atharva Veda had 9 shakhas. Later we lost tradition of most of the shakhas and now only 9-10 shakhas of Veda are remaining in world. Vedas are most precious world heritage of humanity which needs to be protected by all means.”

Vedic Acharyas

The existing 9 branches of Vedas Rig Veda are Shakala shakha, Shukla Yajurveda Madhyandin shakha, Shukla Yajurveda Kanva shakha, Krishna yajurveda Taiteriya Shakha, Sama Veda Kauthuma Shakha, Sama Veda Jaimini Shakha, Sama Veda Ranayaniya Shakha, Atharva Veda Shaunaka Shakha, Atharva Veda Paiplada Shakha are being represented by 100 Vedic scholars from places including Gokarna, Swarnavalli, Honnaver, Mysuru, Bengaluru.

Source : Press Release, Art of Living



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