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Lesser Known Faith – “The Raelian Movement” – Out of this World!

The Raëlian Movement 

The Raëlian Movement is a non-profit organization. It is completely funded by its members, who share the same common goals. All members, without exception, volunteer their time, which means that the funds are used solely for actions that support the Movement’s mission, activities and gatherings.

Raelian Movement

Raelians come from all walks of life. They have in common a strong desire to make this planet a paradise. In that paradise, science will be foremost and freely developed for the benefit of all, while violence will be treated as a disease and, at last, completely eradicated.

Raelian Movement

The Raelian Movement was founded in 1974, a few months after the encounter between Rael, its founder, and one of the Elohim, the scientists who created us. Since its inception, it has grown steadily and now has more than 100,000 members in over 120 countries. Approximately 300 of those members are Guides, who lead the activities of the Movement in accordance with the directives of Rael, the current Guide of Guides.

Raelian Symbol: Infinity

The Star of David represents the infinity of SPACE. The extra-terrestrials who created humankind in laboratories have proven that the infinitely small and the infinitely large have the same structure. The atoms in our hand contain tiny galaxies, which themselves contain planets with minuscule humanities. And our own galaxy is a tiny particle in a huge atom that forms part of an immense world, etc., ad infinitum. “As above, so below.”

Raelian Movement

The Swastika in the center represents the infinity of TIME. Everything in the universe is in perpetual transformation. Space and time have neither beginning nor end, for everything is cyclic at all levels.

“Nothing is created, nothing is lost; everything is continually transformed.”

Values of the Raelian Movement 

The values for which The Raelian Movement stands for:

·         Self-respect

·         Self-love

·         Sharing

·         Respect for others

·         Accountability

·         Absolute respect for life

·         Feminity

·         World peace

·         Non-violence

Who is Rael?

Maitreya Rael is the last messenger sent by our extraterrestrial creators, the Elohim, and was asked to make their final message to humanity known to everyone.

At the age of 27, on the morning of December 13, 1973, while he was still running his successful racing-car magazine, RAEL had an extraordinary encounter with a human being from another planet, at a volcano park in the center of France, known as “Puy de Lassolas”. This extra-terrestrial gave him a new detailed explanation of our origins and information on how to organize our future, as recorded in the book: Intelligent Design.

Intelligent Design

After six consecutive meetings in the same location, Rael accepted the mission given to him, to inform humanity of this revolutionary message and to prepare mankind to welcome their Creators, the Elohim, without any mysticism or fear, but as conscious and grateful human beings. After a few months considering this huge task, Rael almost developed a stomach ulcer before finally deciding to give up his much-loved career as a sports-car journalist and devote himself fully to the task assigned to him by Yahweh – the extra-terrestrial whom he met. Within the year following the encounter, he managed to print the book reporting about the event and appeared on two of the main TV and Radio shows in France, announcing a public conference.

Reaching to Globe

This first public conference held in Paris on September 19, 1974, attracted more than 2000 people. Shortly after, he founded the association MADECH – a group of people interested in helping him in his huge task- that would later become the Raelian Movement. By the end of the year 1974, the association counted 170 members. They are now more than 100,000 members in over 120 countries.

On October 7th, 1975, he had a second encounter and was given additional information recorded in his second book, also part of Intelligent Design. Since that time, Rael has been touring the world, giving conferences and seminars on every continent, gathering those who share the desire to welcome our Creators.

Raelian Movement

He also authored several other books like Sensual Meditation which is a central part of his teachings, “Geniocracy” advocating for more intelligent management of the planet and “Yes To Human Cloning” explaining the possibility of becoming eternal and the beautiful future one can expect thanks to science.

Over the years, Rael has inspired several public actions from the promotion of the use of condoms in schools to the promotion of masturbation; from worldwide campaigns in support of minorities with the slogan “to tolerate differences is not enough, one should love differences” to the disturbing request to have all religious books censured where they don’t respect Human Rights; from the support of Human Cloning through the founding of Clonaid, to the promotion of GMO as the only chance for all human beings on Earth to have food; from the creation of Clitoraid, an association to help women who have been circumcised to have their clitoris repaired so that they can experience pleasure again to the call for the gathering of all African traditional chiefs to create the United States of Africa.

Raelian Movement

Rael has been a guest on most of the major TV programs worldwide like 60 minutes, CNN, FOX, and BBC news programs, as well as programs like Breakfast with Frost and Entertainment Tonight, to name a few.

He has been invited to explain his vision of science to the American Congress and has been the guest of many leaders of this world, with the President Denis Sassou N’Guesso of Congo being the first to welcome him officially in 2000. Many artists acknowledged him as well as the French author Michel Houellebecq and Hugh Hefner.

In every culture on Earth, a messenger is expected, whether it is the Maitreya of the Buddhists, the Messiah of the Jews, the Paraclete of the Christians, or any other name that has been given by the many tribes around the world. This expected messenger, like all the previous ones, isn’t supposed to please everyone, but to state what our Creators are expecting from us.

Raelian Movement

This is what Rael has been doing for more than 40 years now, travelling relentlessly while making the vow not to own anything, but to give everything towards welcoming our Creators in the Embassy they requested be built before 2035.

Back story of Raelian Movement 

Rael, was born Claude Vorilhon in 1946. Twenty-seven years later, the French sports car journalist was abducted by aliens at a volcanic crater near Auvergne, France. At first, the small green men asked him to spread messages of peace, love, and unity. Followers of Raelism would meet in orgiastic parties of nudity and experimentation not unlike the popular notion of Woodstock. Gender was an illusion, sexuality was fluid, all beings were equal.

Then the millennium approached, along with a new prophecy. Soon, the Pink Angels were posing for Playboy.

Raelism is considered the largest UFO religion in the world. (Scientology is generally categorized under the “ancient astronaut” belief set.) In 2006, more than 60,000 people had been baptized. More recently, reports estimate church membership closer to 100,000, thanks in no small part to marketing. In the 1970s, it may have championed free love for all, but by the 2000s, boobs were bank. Over time, it seemed a subtle shift, at least as far as cults go, but Raelism’s stance on feminism, sex positivity, and women’s empowerment remains muddled at best.

After Rael was beamed up to a spaceship in 1973, he completed his first scripture, The Book Which Tells the Truth. He claimed he was chosen as a conduit to translate messages from the aliens, otherwise known as the Elohim, humanoid beings from a faraway planet. Being 25,000 years more advanced in science and technology, the Elohim actually created human life in their laboratories and planted their specimens on Earth. All of the great prophets — Jesus, Mohammed, and now Raël — were actually half-Elohim, after male aliens impregnated chosen human women. Or so the teachings went.

Rael named the religion after himself and modeled its leadership and doctrines after the Catholic church, while variously espousing squarely anti-Catholic positions. Beneath Rael, who functioned as a kind of pope, his religion appointed bishops and priests. Only, Raelians are not monotheistic; their creators are many. And intelligent design took the form of scientific knowledge and superior technology. (Later, Raelism claimed that advancements in cloning were proof of Elohim intervention, a vehicle for mind transfer and infinite reincarnation.)

But the movement first took off thanks to a 1974 conference in Paris, where Raël hosted roughly 2,000 people and preached of his alien encounter. His timely messages of world peace and sensual permissiveness appealed to a tuned-in audience the world over. Rael’s books have since been published in over 25 languages.

From Spirituality to Sex

Over time, Rael argued in these prophecies, the pristine human gene pool had clouded. It was his job to help purify it. In the beginning, that meant treating sex only for pleasure, not procreation, as designer cloning would soon eliminate the need for traditional childbearing. In this view, the anatomical differences between man and woman were merely designed for one form of sexual pleasure, but otherwise, gender was irrelevant.

Raelian Movement

Instead Rael taught “sex unity,” or erotic plurality between and among all genders. His followers planned frequent seminars wherein Raelians would abandon their preconceived sexual preferences and monogamous boundaries. Stretching one’s libido was an intellectual exercise for Raelians, according to the Daily Dot’s “2 Girls 1 Podcast,” thought to replenish brain cells, practice self-actualization, and potentially communicate with the Elohim directly. This “sexual meditation” would become a core element of the religion.

Despite a professed indifference to gender, Raelian women were upheld as enlightened lovers and playthings; thus, they often dressed seductively and played the coquette. At one “awakening seminar,” a “much admired” teenager attended meetings in a tulle skirt while twirling her ponytail and licking lollipops, according to sociologist Susan J. Palmer’s Moon Sisters, Krishna Mothers, Rajneesh Lovers: Women’s Roles in New Religions (1994).

Raelian Movement

Rael encouraged male followers to be more like women, and actually cultivate feminine qualities. Rael himself has been described as soft-spoken and effeminate, dancing and singing at events, and dressing in flowing clothes and long hair, which acted as antennae to commune with alien beings.

Yet as the religion grew and attracted New Age pansexuals from Canada to South Korea to Australia, Rael apparently only ever entered into long-term heterosexual relationships. He has been married three times, most recently in the late 1990s to a beautiful 16-year-old named Sophie de Niverville, reportedly with her mother’s permission.




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