Khichdi : An Indian Dish that bonds Taste and Faiths

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Khichdi : An Indian Dish that bonds Taste and Faiths

Khichdi is on its way to become the national food of India. The diversity of Khichdi represents Indiantiy. In World Food India Festival, a guinness world record was made on 4th November for making 918 kilograms of Khichdi at one time.

But you amazed to know that out own Ajmer Sharif Dargah make 800kg Veg Sweet Rice in small Deg. 1600Kg in big Deg everyday since 450years. Its a tradition followed by the Dargah religiously. Surely a feat to proud. Syed Salman Chisty has tweeted this info with amazing photos.

The range of Khichdi varies from state to state. There are more variety than the number of ingredients. See this graphics made by Network18 to elaborate the variety of Khichdi.

Photo Courtesy: Network18

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