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Coronavirus and the 40th Parallel North

Coronavirus and the 40th Parallel North

When there’s a coincidence we are likely to take notice and when there’s a series of coincidences we are forced to take notice. One such interesting series of coincidence unfolding in front of the dazed eyes of the world community is the preponderance of coronavirus infections and deaths along the 40th Parallel North or 40 degrees latitude.

China, Iran, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, UK and the USA are all along or very near the 40th Parallel North. Now, one might argue that nations or countries are not situated within the narrow band of the 40th Parallel because they span across much larger areas and are not limited to this Parallel. Fair enough. But the fact remains that most of these countries do touch the 40th Parallel. These are also the countries that are or were world powers at some point in time.

It could be something to do with their weather and climate but it could be something else, too.

Whatever it might be it’s interesting and intriguing and worth keeping one eye on. Is Mother Earth or nature sending them a warning to change the way they treat her and her other children?

Well, keep looking and connecting the dots and then decide whatever you choose to. But do keep looking!

And one more thing, in passing…India has had a beautifully symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth and nature. Historically, India and its Hindu population, in particular, has always venerated nature and looked after mother earth and her children rather than exploit them greedily and shamelessly. That doesn’t mean, we are faultless and blameless in India. It merely means that we are a little more mindful of nature and Mother Earth.

So, maybe, we will be spared the worst that coronavirus can deal out. But, it’s still early days and we need to keep our fingers crossed and hearts expanded. Who knows, we just might scrape through with a few minor ‘bruises’, relatively speaking!

– Rajesh Kanoi (rajyogi)

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