Chief Imam of India graces Sadhu Vaswani’s Birthday, Meatless Day

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Chief Imam of India graces Sadhu Vaswani’s Birthday, Meatless Day

PUNE, November 25, 2018
Dr Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, Chief, All India Imam Organisation graced Sadhu Vaswani’s Birthday at the PUNE Mission on 25th November as the Chief Guest. He pledged to observe the Meatless Day as well. Invoking the lord, Imam ji addressed the gathering saying, “Sadhu Vaswani’s birthday, observed as a Meatless Day, is a noble cause. The Quran too emphasizes the idea of compassion. The message for today is to love all life and have compassion in your hearts. As for Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani, he lives on in spirit. He was so humble, so gracious, it might seem, we are remembering him but I know he is present here. To him all religions were one. To him humanity was above all. I shared a deep and spiritual relation with him. I see the Mission as my own where I will keep coming and support its causes. Another message that we must take home today, is ‘live for others,’ a principle, Dada epitomized,” he added.
The birthday celebrations were marked with many acts of service for the needy. The seva of artificial limbs seva was done at his gracious hands.
A total of 27,22,827 people pledged to observe November 25th as Meatless Day. Plus, a total of 8,11,02,119 people supported the Meatless Day. A total of 6,196 people turned vegetarian for life.
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