An Astrological Analysis : Who will lead the nation after Election 2019 ?

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An Astrological Analysis: Narendra Modi will lead the nation again

By Anil Kumar Jain

New Delhi 23 April 2019: Narendra Modi at present is running the main period of Moon & sub-period of Ketu which is in operation from 17th February 2019 to 21st September 2019. Moon though in debilitation is lord of the house of fortune & posited in Lagna along with Mars. By the presence of Mars along with Moon, the debilitation of Moon gets cancelled & instead it forms Neechbhang Rajyoga. This is a very powerful position of Moon.

However, the sub-period of Ketu is normally not good. Ketu is in the house of gains in Lagna chart, in 8th house in Navamsa chart & in 12th house in Dasamamsa chart. From dasamamsa chart, we analyze the profession of native & Navamsa denotes general fortune. In both these charts, Ketu is in malefic position.

Jupiter, which is the main planet & provides providential help has moved to Lagna on 24th April is in retrogression. In the birth chart of Modi, Jupiter is retrograde. The transit of Jupiter in Lagna on 24th April has proved to be boon for the success of Modi.

The above position indicates that this will be a tough time for Modi & his success may not be smooth sailing. Many forces even in BJP will act against him & some other names may appear for post of Prime Minister. However, just because of the present position of Jupiter, he will get providential help & will appear as the winner in spite of all the hurdles. However, BJP may not get a majority as a single party, they may need the support of some other parties to form Government.

The performance of Congress will be amazing as compared to the last performance. In Rahul Gandhi birth chart Lagna is Libra & he is running the second phase of Sade Sati. Saturn though debilitated is Yog Karak. Lagna & Jupiter are Vargottam in Navamsa & Dasamamsa charts. Mercury is Vargottam in Navamsa. The house of fortune ahs aspect of Jupiter & has benefic planets on both sides. Jupiter at present is aspecting Venus, the lord of Lagna & house of profession. His Rahu dasa has commenced which is well placed & in Dasamsa chart is aspecting lord of 10th house Moon. Therefore, the planetary position is very strong & in particular, Rahu dasa can lead to unexpected gains which may be beyond anybody’s expectations. Therefore, Congress party under his leadership should do well & BJP will have to give due cognizance, otherwise taking him lightly may change the scenario. However, there seems to be no possibility of leading the country in this election.

About Anil Kumar Jain

Shri Anil Kumar, a renowned astrologer, is the founder member and Vice President of Astro Science Research Organization (ASRO). ASRO is a premier organisation of India for imparting education in Astrology. He is also an active faculty in All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies in New Delhi. He belongs to India Supply Service of Government of India and has recently retired from the post of Additional Director General in DGS&D.

To honour his extensive expertise, he has been awarded many titles with various awards. ‘Jyotish Martand’, ‘Jyotish Shiromani’, ‘Pracharya’, etc are to name few. Other than this, he was also awarded Gold Shield during Nakshatra 2008 held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, for his outstanding contribution in the field of Astrology.

Furthermore, Bharat Nirman also titled him with the Bhaskar Award on Nov 22, 2004, for his outstanding performance in the field of Astrology. He was interviewed on three live TV shows of one hour each by a Hindi TV Channel in the USA during his visit to the United States in December 2012.

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