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Acharya Lokesh welcomed at Consulate General of India, Chicago

Acharya Lokesh welcomed at Consulate General of India, Chicago

  • ‘A World without Violence- Spiritual Discourse’ held at Indian Consulate
  • Violence cannot solve problems, dialogue is the right path for peace – Acharya Lokesh

Consulate General of India in Chicago Neeta Bhushan welcomed and honored Founder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti Jain Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni at the Consulate General of India in Chicago. On this occasion ‘A World without violence- A Spiritual discourse’ was organized.

Consulate General Nita Bhushan welcomed Acharya Lokesh Muni and said that he has often heard the statement of Acharya Lokesh on nonviolence, harmony and peace. Acharya Lokesh has made Spirituality the medium of establishing nonviolence, peace and harmony in the world, it is highly appreciable. This seminar has been organized at the Consulate General of India in Chicago with the aim of bringing USA and India together to create a world without violence. We all want peace; we have to make efforts for that. It is necessary to adopt non-violence for peace.

Acharya Lokesh addressing the gathering said that the world which is standing on the volcano of destruction can only be saved through the path of non-violence. People living in the panic of terror are not concerned with truth, neither love nor non-violence, this is the present weakness, this is our compulsion. The path of non-violence and harmony is extremely important to overcome the suffering of today’s human beings. There is a need of experimental training of non-violence. Nonviolence is the path through which a healthy society can be created. Violence does not solve any problem. Violence raises repetitiveness. Through dialogue based on the principles of non violence every problem can be resolved.

Prabodh Vaidya, Chief Sponsor of the Chicago Jain Society Silver Jubilee celebrations gave information about Acharya Lokesh’s worldwide humanitarian programs, saying that Acharya Lokesh has linked the religion to social service and has shown world the path of world peace and harmony this has benefited the world. Motivational speaker Rahul Kapoor and famous singer Vicky Parekh presented the newly published introduction folder of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti and Minal Shah to the self written book to Consulate General Nita Bhushan. Shri Kishore Bhai Shah, Senior Officer of the Chicago Jain Union, Shri Mahendra Bhai Kusum Ben Shah , Ashok Shah thanked Consulate General Neeta Bhushan for organizing the program on behalf of the Consulate General of India, Chicago.

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